Summer CSGC Grant Update: Partnering with Local Restaurants to Feed the Hungry

This summer, my sister and I have partnered with local restaurants to donate excess food to a homeless shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area. The shelter, the Covenant House, is a homeless shelter for children. We quickly learned that fortunately many restaurants are already connected with food banks, so it was more difficult to find partners. However, we were able to partner with a few generous restaurants to redistribute their leftovers.

One kind bakery even made a variety of 50 freshly baked pastries just for the shelter. I learned so much through the process of talking to dozens of restaurant managers. It is great that many already have a plan for their waste, and I am so happy that with the grant money I was able to get a few more restaurants connected to feeding local children. Thanks again to the CSGC and the Earl/Mendillo grant for this wonderful opportunity!

-Lauren Stenger ’22