Summer CSGC Grant Update: Guide for Civic and Financial Growth this Summer

Growing up in upstate New York, I was unaware of the issue that a lot of middle and high school students are facing in New York City. As I visited some of my friends in the city, I realized that a lot of the students in specific areas that went to public schools were not satisfied with the materials covered in their courses. They wanted to learn more about topics that were not covered in schools like finance, politics, and social issues but could not afford tutors or did not have a way of researching the topic for reliable and consistent information. Realizing this problem, I have decided to partner up with Alioune Dia ’22 as we work towards creating a solution for their needs.

In order to address this problem, Alioune and I created a program called Guide for Civic and Financial Growth this Summer. We started by planning and decided that our ways of communication with other students will involve handing out information packets, online presentations, and online discussions. We figured that we need to recruit students that are interested in participating in the program so we started working on our first booklet to handout with our contact information. We decided on the topics of mayoral election, credit score, and cryptocurrencies for the first booklet. We have finished designing the booklet and it is in production right now for 50 copies.

We are very hopeful for the future of expanding this program to reach a larger audience. Thank you to Deerfield and the CSGC for making everything possible!

– Zhexuan Li ’23