TEDxDeerfieldAcademy is Saturday, May 15

We are pleased to present TEDxDeerfieldAcademy on May 15.

Here is the link to watch the live stream.

Below are the times for the event on Saturday evening:

6:00 pm
Jerry Zhou ’22: The Trap of Partisanship: How Modern Politics Shuts Down Discourse

6:20 pm
Thomas Lyons ’21, Will Yang ’22, Josh Harvey ’22: Musical Performance (“Just Funky” and “Kyoto” by Tomo Fujita)

6:30 pm
Fahad Shabaz ’22: Lessons Learnt After Coming from a Big Place to a Small Community

6:45 pm
Annalisa Fang ’22—Flow: How to Achieve Peak Performance

7:00 pm
Martin Gong ’23, Forrest Gao ’23, Henry Zhang ’24—Musical Performance (Haydn Piano Trio in G Major, Oblivion by Piazzolla, Beach Trio)

7:10 pm
Lily Zeng ’22—The Neuroscience of Temperament

7:25 pm
Maddie Poole ’21—How Communication Shapes Us: There is More to Communication Than Just Learning the Language

8:00 pm
Daniel Kang ’21—How Languages Tell the Story of Our Society

8:15 pm
Yurok Song ’22—The Power of Music: How Simple Sound Waves Make You Feel

8:40 pm
William Abou-Rjaili ’22 and Ms.Wei—Musical Performance (George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”)