Reminder: Squad Pages for the Yearbook are Due on May 1

Each hall will be permitted to build one page. Assign a captain or work as a hall to gather photos, notes, ideas, come up with a “hall story” together during a feed, and see how to create a page through PosterMyWall. Note, you may also use photoshop or any other software that you prefer, but the submitted image must be high resolution and in JPEG form, portrait (not landscape) alignment. Be creative! Make it your own! Have fun 🙂

*Note: If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Parameters/rules? The yearbook faculty advisors will carefully evaluate each page and will not publish any that feature problematic or questionable content. Squad pages may not include: Vulgar or offensive language x References that go against Deerfield’s values or promote violence; sentiments that may be insulting to groups or individuals; acronyms or coded language; references to drug or alcohol use.

The deadline is May 1!