Christian Fellowship Tonight @6:45 pm

Do you ever wonder about whether God exists? Or whether the Bible is historically accurate? Do you question whether science and God can coexist? Or do you ever wonder about why there is so much suffering in the world if God does exist?

If so, come to Christian Fellowship! We meet every Wednesday in Koch 306 to explore the Christian faith through music, discussions, studying the Bible, and more. Bring your questions and open up the table for discussion!

You do not have to be Christian to join us. We know that Deerfield students come from a wide variety of backgrounds when it comes to faith, and everyone is welcome, no matter your beliefs. We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, or want to be added to the email list, feel free to reach out to either Mr. Bakker, Annalisa Fang ’22, Lily Zeng ’22, or Jerry Huang ’23.