Applications to be an Advancement Ambassador Close Today

Connect with Deerfield alumni and the Office of Advancement with this leadership opportunity. Apply to be an Advancement Ambassador here. The deadline is TODAY, Monday, April 5. Interviews will take place from April 5-20.

“I am fortunate to represent a part of Deerfield through my role as an advancement ambassador where I have the opportunity to connect with alumni and communities beyond the Deerfield campus. This fall, I enjoyed speaking to the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association alongside fellow student ambassadors. We were able to connect with the alumnI as we shared stories about Deerfield, the improvements and changes we have seen and would like to see, and any advice that they would like to share. Throughout the winter, there were many other engaging opportunities for ambassadors to participate in, such as appreciation videos and letters to alumni, and we played a role in decision making for the 2021 Ashley Award recipient. Although the current pandemic hinders social gatherings, all the ambassadors and advisors have gone great lengths the keep the Deerfield community spirits alive and connected. We hope to accomplish many more great things this coming winter, and I highly encourage students who have or would like to develop strong leadership, communication, and collaboration skills to join the team.” -Neha Jampala ’23

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If selected, student leaders will have first-hand experience in all areas of advancement— from alumni relations and communications to fundraising, marketing, and related areas.

• Meet with Advancement staff three times each year to discuss interests and opportunities in the Ambassador program (minimum once a month for 1 hour).
• Assist Advancement staff with on-campus events such as Convocation, Choate Day, Huffard Lecture, etc. (time varies)
• Opportunity to serve on a student panel at the spring meeting of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association (1–1.5 hours).
• Opportunity to serve as a moderator and/or host for Heritage or Ashley Award presentations at School Meetings including preparing questions and coordinating with award recipients.
• Participate in nomination process for Heritage and Ashley Award recipient selection.
• Create videos for advancement promotions, i.e. fundraising challenges or Choate Day promos.

The following are roles specific to seniors only.
• Assist Advancement staff with the annual Pathways program on campus by promoting among classmates and hosting alumni returning to campus.
• Help with senior tie selection by collecting classmate votes.
• Assist Advancement staff with promoting senior pledge, including co-hosting senior feeds.
• Opportunity exists to serve as Class Agents upon graduation