Reminder: Special Schedule for March 11 and 12, the Last Two Days of Winter Term

Thursday, March 11
• First period courses will adhere to the normal daily schedule, with both groups (River & Valley) meeting & ending at their normal times
• X-blocks, Y-Blocks, & Lunch blocks will adhere to the normal daily schedule
• Second period courses will not meet on this day

Friday, March 12
• Second period courses will meet in the morning, with all second period courses starting at 8:45am and ending at 10:50am
• All classes will run for their normal 125-minute period
• There will be no X-blocks or Y-Blocks on this day
• Students are allowed to leave campus after their last commitment – their period 2 class – ends.

On March 8, 9, and 10, we will follow our Daily Schedule.

Please contact the Student Life Office if you have questions about departure logistics; please contact the Academic Dean’s Office with questions about the Special Schedule.