From Albany Road Celebrates Diversity

Hello, Deerfield!

Albany Road is excited to announce the theme for our winter issue: mosaic.

In these times marked with a charged and unforgiving aversion to difference, Albany Road is dedicated to celebrating the diversity within Deerfield. Just as a mosaic is a colorful, variegated pattern that coheres into a gorgeous work of art, this issue will be a snapshot documenting and reckoning with the various cultures, identities, and truths present within the Deerfield community. Modifying America’s proud identity as the world’s melting pot, where we all give up something to contribute to the whole, a mosaic allows us to stand together, celebrate together, and make change together, all while retaining the essence of who we are.

We hope this video will provide more context to this theme. Please email your submissions to by 11:59 pm EST on February 14, 2021.


Talia, on behalf of Albany Road