Model United Nations A-Team Tryouts

If you are interested in trying out for Model United Nations, tryouts for the MUN A-team is this Sunday, at 2-5 pm, on the first floor of the Library where they do peer tutoring! Sign up for a 15-minute time slot; the tryout won’t take much of your time. Put your name next to a time that is most convenient for you. It will also ask if you are interested in attending one of our upcoming conferences, so put yes/no next to your time slot. The tryout will be very brief—we will give you a topic and you will have 5 minutes to research the topic before giving a 1-2 minute opening speech on the topic. There will be up to four other people trying out at the same time as you.

Also huge thank you to everyone who went to the PEAMUN—you guys killed it! We have to start preparing for three upcoming conferences. YMUN is Virtual in January, but HMUN and BOSMUN will be in person this year both in February so get excited for that! MUN is a big commitment, and we only have limited spots for A-Team; it is important that if you commit to MUN, you show up, especially if you are selected for the A-Team and for one of the conferences. Considerations for conferences will be made only if you make your best effort to attend meetings. Even if you are just considering it, you should attend the A-team tryouts—it will be a fun, great learning experience regardless of if you make it to the team or not. We hope to see you there!

If you are interested in trying out, and for some legitimate reason will not be able to attend, please DM deer.mun on Instagram or email Chelsea Antero, Caroline Hoff, or Chadwick Ho. Thank you!