Before the term starts … update your ZOOM client!

The makers of ZOOM are constantly adding new features and security patches to the ZOOM client, which improve the way it functions. Now is a great time to install the latest update.  Instructions for updating ZOOM can be found on the ITS HelpDesk page. These instructions include a link to a short YouTube video that walks you through updating your client.  Please install these updates today!

Students, also note that many of you have not linked your ZOOM Account to the Academy’s ZOOM domain. In January, you’ll receive an invitation directly from ZOOM to enroll your DA email-based ZOOM account into the Deerfield Academy Master account. This enrollment will provide increased ZOOM features for you, ensure that best security measures are in place to protect both you and The Academy, and allow the best functional integration with your DA faculty and any DA ZOOM-based virtual events. Please watch for and accept this enrollment invitation.

If you have questions about the updates, or about using ZOOM, please contact the ITS HelpDesk