AP Prep Planning

As January draws to a close, we wanted to reach out with reminders and resources for preparing for AP Exams.

AP Test Prep/Revolution Prep:
• If you’re interested in signing up for AP Prep Courses through Revolution Prep, we encourage you to sign up before January 31st in order to take advantage of the $100 discount (courses are $299 until Jan 31, after which they’re $349 through February, and $399 through the registration deadline of March 6).
• Students and families interested in signing up for an AP Prep Course can visit College Advising’s Test Prep Page to sign up for the applicable course(s) and time(s). All courses run for six weeks starting the week of March 21, with one hour of live instruction each week.
• Deerfield employees and students who may qualify for aid should not use the links to sign up; instead, contact Michelle Sullivan at (860) 924-7334 to take advantage of financial aid options. For any family: if the cost of these courses presents a hardship, please reach out to Melissa Persons.

Other options for AP Test Prep:
• The Boyden Library carries many AP Test Prep books that students can use for free, and online retailers such as Amazon.com also sell AP Test Prep books for self-paced study (Barrons, Princeton Review, and Kaplan are examples). For some students, self-paced study will be more effective than a regularly scheduled prep course for certain subjects.

We encourage juniors and seniors to reach out to their College Advisors to create a plan for preparing for APs that balances preparation with their other obligations and their wellness. Ninth and tenth graders should reach out to advising@deerfield.edu and a College Advisor can help them create an appropriate plan for their needs.