What is this thing in my registration packet??

Welcome (Back)! All students should have found one of these POMTracer devices in their registration packets. These devices, called “tags”, are part of Deerfield’s automated Contact Tracing system. This system is one more tool in our fight against the COVID-19 virus on campus. All students and employees have been given one of these devices. As you move about campus, the device will collect and save information about other devices it encounters. It won’t track your movements (like location services on your phone) but it will record the tag number of tags it comes in contact with. POMTracer “gateways” have been placed around campus, and your tag will upload the data it has stored when it connects with a gateway. If there is a case of COVID-19 on campus, the Health Center will access the data from the person’s tag and will know who has been exposed.

You also have a lanyard in your welcome bag that has a clip on each end. Please put your POMTracer tag on your lanyard, using the two clips. You should wear your device whenever you leave your room. (They are waterproof, but it isn’t necessary to shower with them!)  Your teachers and coaches will ask to see your tag when you arrive at your classes and co-curricular activities.

Your tag may blink orange from time to time.  If that occurs, the device’s memory is full and needs to be uploaded. It will upload the next time it passes a gateway. If you notice it flashing orange frequently, please notify the ITS HelpDesk, as this may indicate a problem with your tag. The tag holds a battery that will last for 2-3 months. If your tag flashes red, the battery needs to be replaced. You should contact the HelpDesk to obtain a replacement battery.

Your tag will help keep you, and other members of our community, safe. Please remember to put it on, every day, when you leave your room.  If you have any issues with your tag or questions about the system, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at helpdesk@deerfield.edu, 413-774-1444.