Weekend Meal Schedule: Please Read Carefully (or risk being hungry this weekend…)

Dear Deerfield Students,

Please read the weekend meal schedule below for lunch and dinner (breakfast will be delivered to dorms as usual). You will notice that squads should arrive at the Dining Hall in 10-minute intervals between 11:15 am – 1:00 pm. For the schedule to work, you must get to the Dining Hall on your own, precisely at your allotted meal time.

We need to recommit ourselves to the 4 D’s: Donning masks, Distancing, Dedensifying, and Disinfecting.  You must have your mask on before and after eating and remain at least six feet apart during the meal.  We put ourselves at risk when we are unmasked and get too close to each other. 

Our ability to remain open as a school is directly related to our commitment to staying healthy. Relying on adults to constantly police your social distancing is a losing solution.  We need to buy in to the belief that we are all in this together and ALL committed to the health and well-being of the Deerfield community!

Thank you for your continued commitment to adhering to the health guidelines.

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Mr. Kelly

Saturday & Sunday Lunches:

11:15 – Barton, Harold Smith, Bewkes

11:25 – Mods & Poc

11:35 – DeNunzio, Rosenwald, John Williams

11:50 – O’Byrne-Curtis & Shumway

12:00 – Doubleday & Johnson

12:10 – Mather & Scaife

12:20 – John Louis & Louis Marx

12:40 – Field

12:50 –  McAlister

Saturday & Sunday Dinners:

5:15 – Barton, Harold Smith, Bewkes

5:25 – Mods & Poc

5:35 – DeNunzio, Rosenwald, John Williams

5:50 – O’Byrne-Curtis & Shumway

6:00 – Doubleday & Johnson

6:10 – Mather/Scaife

6:25 – JL/LM

6:40 – Field

6:50 –  McAlister