Is your ZOOM session slow from your Dorm Room?

During the Quiet Phase of our opening, all students and most teachers are ZOOMing from their dorms.  As you can imagine, this is putting a heavy load on our network and we are receiving some reports of slow and lagging ZOOM sessions. We are responding to each of these reports and have deployed several additional Wireless Access Points (APs) during the past 3 days.  This has resulted in improvement.  There is also something that you can do to speed up your connection!

Network monitoring indicates that many students are connected to DAWireless – our open Guest wireless network.  DAWireless is a less robust service than GreenDoor – our Secure campus wireless network.  Changing your connection to default to GreenDoor should improve your connection speed.   Instructions for setting your computer to connect to GreenDoor are on the ITS HelpDesk website and linked here.

If you have any trouble connecting to GreenDoor, please contact the ITS HelpDesk at, 413-774-1444.  Thank you.