Dominican Republic Independence – Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hello my name is Mia Calcaño, I am Class of 2023, and I am also one of the leaders of the Latin American Student Alliance. For Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re writing about different countries everyday. The Dominican Republic is a country that shares half of the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. The Dominican Republic celebrates its autonomy from Haiti on February 27, after Juan Pablo Duartos started the Trinitario movement which eventually led to the Dominican Republic gaining full autonomy in 1844. The caribbean nation is known for its beautiful beaches and it’s popular tourist areas, such as Punta Cana. Some traditional Dominican dishes are Mangu, Sanchoco, and a staple dish called la banderam, which consists of rice, beans and any type of meat. The country is also known for it’s different genres of music and dance styles, such as bachata and merengue.