Dining Hall Orientation

To familiarize students with our new approach to dining, Mr. Kelly has scheduled and will oversee orientation sessions for all students by Squad. What follows below is from him. Please note: This lunch schedule will begin no sooner than Monday, the 21.  If you have any questions, please reach out directly to Mr. Kelly.

Hi folks,

Welcome back! Hope your week is starting out well!

Beginning tomorrow (9/16) we will begin Dining Hall orientations for the entire school (Dining Hall Orientation schedule). Orientations will run from Wednesday through Saturday.

This term, the meal schedule will focus on community health and safety. There are nine separate 1st period starting times, which will roll over to nine separate starting times for lunch. The nine sessions have been broken down into three teams (River (1,2,3) –  Rock (1,2,3) – Valley (1,2,3). There are also three locations where students will be assigned a table: the tent outside the Dining Hall, the East Gym, and the Kravis room.

Each student will be assigned a table number, a chair number, and a location. Students have also been assigned tables by Squads. Your assignment will stay in place for the entire term. No table is to seat more than four students at a time. Students need to sit opposite each other, with no students sitting side-by-side.

Your seating assignments presently have been submitted to your DAinfo page.

Team abbreviations are: River (RV), Rock (RK), and Valley (V). A typical DAinfo entry may look something like this: Mary Smith: Sit-down table #20 (RV1-Seat5-Tent).