Athletic Training Room Policy and Procedures

Due to COVID-19, the athletic training room will no longer be accepting walk-in appointments. Students must schedule an appointment for evaluation or treatment prior to being admitted into the athletic training room. Please email Ms. Parker directly for appointments.

Evaluation appointments will be in 15-minute time increments, and treatment/rehabilitation will be for 45 minutes. Post-surgical appointments will be reserved for the cocurricular time. All other daily treatments will need to be during the X-Block periods.
Taping/Pre-practice wrapping will take place in two separate areas.

For teams playing on the Lower Levels and south division there is a tent located next to the football stands.

Field hockey, indoor sports, and cross-country will utilize the satellite athletic training room near the hockey rink for taping. Please remember to wear your mask and social distancing policies when waiting to be seen for taping.