A New Season

This summer 25 students were accepted in the CSGC grants program. These grants are funded due to the generous support of the Cost, Earle/Mendillo and Workman families, who established endowment funds to support the community and public service endeavors of future generations of Deerfield students. For more information on these grants please visit: https://deerfield.edu/students/grants.

Special Olympics Delaware (SODE) has done so much since the spring in order to ensure that our athletes are able to experience a summer and fall filled with sports, events, competitions and fun. What all of us in the SODE community are looking forward to now is the new, modified sports season, which began a couple weeks ago, and it offers an array of sports, from golf to soccer to cycling throughout the entire state of Delaware.

SODE has taken many safety measures to make sure that all athletes, volunteers and coaches can participate in a healthy manner. Social distancing, masks, and temperature check-ins are all part of SODE’s safety guidelines. This is where I have been able to help with my CSGC grant, by purchasing the materials/PPE needed to start the modified season. It has been really exciting to see SODE start back up this summer!

In about a week, I will be attending the Wilmington Wizard’s (a team in the Wilmington area of SODE) golf practices and be a “Practice Safety” volunteer, where I make sure all athletes are following safety guidelines before, during, and after the practice. Although this is not my conventional volunteer role for SODE, I look forward to seeing all the athletes together again, having fun, and making memories! Lastly, I would like to thank the CSGC again for providing me with the funds to help a community very close to my heart.

– Alissa Zhang ’21