What Is Your Deerfield Story?

Dear Students and Employees,

We have been lucky to have had such a tremendous collection of Deerfield Stories presented at our School Meetings during the past five years. With their depth, humility, and courage, these stories have given us a window into the individual worlds of our community members, and we are all richer for having listened to and reflected on each other’s experiences. Thank you to the brave, pioneering souls who have been willing, each year, to share!

Watch: An Invitation from Mrs. Schloat and Mr. Stallings on behalf of the English Department.

We are writing to offer each of you in the community the opportunity to share a story during the year ahead. The English Department invites you—students and employees alike—to consider composing a story that is meaningful to you and sharing it with the Deerfield community at a Wednesday School Meeting.

This is our prompt for the piece:

“Compose a piece of no more than 500 words (a strict limit) wherein you explore what’s on your mind at the moment. This exploration can take the form of a story or narrative, a meditation or reflection, a lesson learned, or some combination of the above. It’s your choice. The purpose of this reflection series during School Meetings is to hear from more voices in the community: to give more people a chance to share their stories, and to give the community an opportunity to get to know its members, via those stories, just a bit better.”

If you have any questions, or if you would like to share your story during the upcoming school year, please e-mail both me (astallings@deerfield.edu) and Mrs. Schloat (jschloat@deerfield.edu) to let us know of your interest. You do not need to have already written your story to express interest.

On behalf of the English Department, we hope to give the floor to many voices in the year ahead.

With sincere thanks, and looking forward to your stories,

Andy Stallings