The Film Guys Are Coming!

Hello, Deerfield Students:

A heads up and a request for all of you: On October 20, we will welcome The Film Guys to campus so they can begin work on a new Admission video for Deerfield! Some of you may have already seen some of their videos—if you haven’t, you should check them out:

The Film Guys are all about collaboration and finding new and creative ways to show the world what is unique (and excellent!) about Deerfield, and the teams here in Communications and Admission are really excited to work with them. They’re excited to work with us, too, and to experience Deerfield “live and in person” after having heard so much about DA while creating a series of videos for King’s Academy.

Here’s the request: Based on the prompt and guidelines in the questionnaire that was emailed to you, what do you think a Deerfield Admission video should look and sound like? Be creative—have fun—and please submit your ideas to by 9:00 pm this Sunday, October 18.