AP Test Registration: Deadline November 1

Registering for AP Exams:

Students interested in taking AP exams must register for the exams via their College Board account. In order to register, you’ll need a join code, which are specific to your class and section. You can find your class’ join code by finding your course on this Google Doc. If you can’t find it there, email Ms. White or the teacher of your class. Note that if you’re not enrolled in an AP-level course but still planning to take the exam, you should use the Join Code labeled “exam only” for that subject (or email Ms. White).

Students must register for the exams by November 1 to avoid a late fee. (The one exception to this rule is that Students in AP-designated courses that meet in the winter have until March 1.) Deadlines are noted in the Google Doc. The cost of the exam will be charged to your student accounts following the exam.

Prepping for AP Exams:

Students interested in prepping for APs have several options. For students interested in self-study, the library carries AP Prep Books, and AP Prep books are available through online retailers like Amazon.com. For students looking for guided AP Prep, Revolution Prep is offering six-week group courses for most AP exams (for which financial aid may be available), as well as one-on-one tutoring options. Details to come!

Questions? Reach out to academics@deerfield.edu for questions about registering or advising@deerfield.edu with questions about whether APs are the right choice for you.