Moveout and Storage

Towards the end of every Spring Term and as we prepare for summer,  families should begin to think about students’ moveout.  Boomerang Storage will pick up and store returning students’ belongings for the summer. To enroll in the service, see below for the instructions:

BOOMERANG:  (413) – 586 – 2666

  1. Sign Up – Visit Boomerang Storage for Deerfield Academy for storage or shipping
  2. Pack Up  – Boomerang will get you FREE boxes and tape for packing
  3. Pick Up – Your storage (or shipping) will be picked up directly from your room. Just lock your door behind you and turn in your key.
  4. Delivery – Your belongings will be delivered to your new room before you get back to school or shipped if you wish.
  5. Insurance – All your stuff is insured to up to $100 per box or bin. Additional insurance is available.



The Academy does not allow any storage on campus, so be sure to communicate with your student as the end of the year gets closer, to plan for storing items off campus or taking them home.

Contact the Director of Parent Engagement

Julia Flannery, P’21