Spanish 2

In this course, students continue their exploration of Spanish by focusing on Spanish grammar and vocabulary, applied to “real life” situations. We work to further

Spanish 3

Spanish 3 is an intermediate level course in which students review the grammatical structures from the beginning sequence while developing their communicative abilities. The class

Spanish 3 Honors

Spanish 3 Honors is designed for students who have excelled in Spanish 2. Students review all of the major grammatical structures at a fast pace

Adv.Seminar in Spanish

This is a topic course for advanced speakers of Spanish who have finished Spanish 6 at Deerfield Academy. It is a course especially designed for

Chinese Tutorial

This advanced course is a modern Chinese literature and writing class for students who love to read and write. Students explore a variety of readings

Arabic 4

At this level, students continue developing their language skills through authentic material in the Levantine dialect alongside literature in Modern Standard Arabic. Grammar is integrated

Arabic 3

This course builds upon students’ language skills developed in Arabic 200 or its equivalent, to advance into the Arabic 3 level of communication skills in

Arabic Tutorial

This advanced course is a combination of modern standard Arabic and the colloquial dialect of the Levant area. In this course, students explore a variety

Spanish 4 – Community Service

This course follows most of the curriculum from the regular Spanish 4 course but adds a community service component. The Spanish 4 – CS course

Latin 2H: Foundations 2H

Assuming a solid foundation in Latin vocabulary and morphology, Latin 203 will cover the remainder of Latin grammar during the Fall Term. English is the

Chinese 4

This course aims to develop competency in advanced Chinese with an emphasis on fluency of spoken language, reading, and writing. A variety of authentic materials

Latin 1: Foundations

Who were the Romans? What did they say about the world? And how did they say it? Latin 100 provides beginning students, who have not