Show Your Work

Deerfield students in action, sharing their projects and their thoughts on work.

Under Deconstruction

How do you make pop art pop more? That’s the challenge Josie faced when she tore down her painting and transformed it. Scissors in hand, this artist did more than carve up a canvas—she composed the confidence she needed to make something even better.

Paintings on umbrellas in the art gallery window. #paintings #umbrellas #deerfieldacademy

The Experimentory at Deerfield Academy

A four-week summer program for students entering seventh and eighth grade, the Experimentory at Deerfield Academy allows students to delve into project-based, interdisciplinary learning for 4 weeks each summer. Visit to learn more.

A great performance by Ladysmith Black Mambazo at Deerfield earlier this week. #deerfieldacademy #ladysmithblackmambazo

David Howell’s Clap Out

After 43 years of teaching at Deerfield, David Howell retired. Students showed their gratitude and affection by clapping him out of his final class.

2015 Asia Concert Tour

Student Maddie Moon produced this excellent piece following a 2015 student music trip to south east Asia.