“Come Back”

Follow Deerfield student Taro Jones and his creative process of choreographing a completely original dance piece inspired by profound emotional moments in his life.

Human Impact Student Art Exhibit

The concept of “Human Impact” is meant to raise questions such as: how have human beings impacted the planet? What happens to the things we build or make? What is our relationship to nature? What are the consequences of a consumer culture? How might we live together peaceably with each other and with the planet?

For the Love of Bad Art

Ecce homo (Behold the man), a 1930 fresco depicting Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, became a global phenomenon four years ago when it was discovered that one of the church’s parishioners, the octogenarian Cecilia Giménez, had attempted to repair the aging artwork by touching up the paint. The result of her work, the BBC correspondent Christian Fraser reported, was that the painting now resembled not the son of God, but a “crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey.”