Spring Athletic Awards

On Wednesday, May 22, the Deerfield community gathered at School Meeting to celebrate the accomplishments of our spring teams and to recognize our 38 spring varsity and sub-varsity awards winners and present three senior athletic awards; the Spater Award, the Robert M. McDermott, and the William B. Jaffe.


Thomas Spater ’55 Award: Nolan C. Zusi

The first senior award was the Spater Award, presented to a senior participant in interscholastic athletics who through perseverance, team spirit, and campus citizenship exemplifies the goals of interscholastic athletics and provides a role for his/her teammates. The recipient can be an active non-varsity or varsity player; a manager, an injured player or anyone who has continued to contribute to the team through his/her perseverance, as well as interest in and dedication to the team concept. This year’s award winner was Nolan Zusi.

Nolan always put his team first. He always showed up to play and exhibited good sportsmanship. One coach described Nolan as a selfless teammate who always played with a sense of pride and an understanding of the privilege and opportunity that comes with wearing Deerfield green. During his career at Deerfield, Nolan was a member of the varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse teams.

Robert M. McDermott ’73 Award: Elizabeth M. Emerson

The Robert M. McDermott Award was the next senior award presented. The award citation reads, “To that senior student athlete who, by hard work, determination, and loyalty to Deerfield, best exemplifies the qualities of Bob McDermott, class of 1973.” This year’s award winner has played 4 years of varsity soccer, hockey, and lacrosse. A leader by example this athlete has led others through a generosity of spirit we rarely see today. Playing because you’re good is only a piece of what this athlete is all about. This award winner has played on teams all these years because sports are fun and teammates are fun to be around. Good character, skill, and a generous spirit are just a few of the reasons this year’s award was presented to Mae Emerson.

William B. Jaffe Award: Thomas A. Gale

The William B. Jaffe Award, presented annually to the student who has exhibited courage, leadership, and sportsmanship on the athletic field. This year’s was Thomas Gale.

In the goaltender position, Thomas won games for Deerfield in the winter months. His play led the way for his teammates as the boys’ hockey team made a deep run into the New England playoffs. Equally impressive has been his commitment to community and service for others. Thomas has spent his past three years at Deerfield growing his skills as a competitor and as a person of substance.

Congratulations, Nolan, Mae and Thomas!

Mr. Howe recapped the spring athletic season through his traditional Top-10, brought to life with the help of several students and the production support and assistance from Ms. Bunch, multimedia specialist.

Mr. Howe’s Top-10

VARSITY AWARDS – Spring 2019


Arthur S. Williams, Jr. Baseball Trophy: Javier J. Irizarry

The Arthur S. Williams Baseball Trophy is awarded to that player on the Varsity Baseball team who, in the opinion of the coaches, has displayed competitive spirit and devotion to the game, and whose unselfish efforts on behalf of the team best exemplify those characteristics of Art Williams, coach of baseball at Deerfield from 1938-1970.

Reverend G. Richard McKelvey Spirit Award: Alexander K. Smith

Established in honor and recognition of the Reverend G. Richard McKelvey’s 30-plus years of service to the Deerfield Academy baseball program, the annual Spirit Award is given to the player, manager or supporter of Deerfield Academy baseball who has demonstrated a special passion for, and dedication to, the game of baseball.


The Coaches’ Award: Owen C. Louis & Henry J.W. Lowe

ROWING – Girls

The Coaches’ Award: Bailyn W. Prichett


 The Coaches’ Award: Mason T. Horton


The Jerry Daly ’72 Golf Award (formerly MVP Golf Award): Kimberly S. Stafford

This award is given to an exceptional golfer who consistently demonstrated passion, commitment, dedication and sportsmanship to the game of golf.  Like Jerry Daly ’72, those named on this trophy displayed integrity, quiet confidence, embodied the true spirit of the game, and as a result had a significant impact on teammates.


The Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy: Bennett L. Stankovits

Presented annually to that lacrosse player who, in the opinion of the coach, has by his constant striving contributed most to both the improvement of himself and of his team.

Rhodes Cup: Jonathan A. Ford

To be given each year to that outstanding first year member of the Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team who, in the opinion of the coaches, best displays the leadership, determination, and dedication of Andrew W. Rhodes.

 The Ramsey Cup: Austin J. Philie

Given through the generosity of Roderick McKay Ramsay ’57, the Ramsay Cup is presented annually to the boy or girl varsity midfielder who excels in all facets of that most difficult position.


Deerfield Lacrosse Coaches’ Award: Margaret T. Williams

The Coaches’ Award is given annually to a member of the team who displays character and discipline both on and off the field and accepts any challenge put before her.

The Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy: Elizabeth M. Emerson

This bowl is presented in loving memory of Benjamin C. Haviland to that lacrosse player who, in the eyes of the coach, most clearly exemplifies the qualities which were outstanding in his life of dedication to the development of women. 

The Ramsay Cup: Bailey J. Cheetham

Given through the generosity of Roderick McKay Ramsay ’57, the Ramsay Cup is presented annually to the boy or girl varsity midfielder who excels in all facets of that most difficult position.       


The Deerfield Softball Award: Mia L. Burch & Jordan E. Manning

To the player who contributes most to the spirit of and success of the team over the course of the season.


James L. Ford Deerfield Tennis Trophy: Alfred A. Auersperg

To Deerfield’s outstanding male player.

The Holton Sayce Memorial Award: Eli Ji

To that member of the Boys Varsity Tennis team, not necessarily the best player, through his sportsmanlike conduct on the tennis court and by the example set among his teammates, has most nearly exemplified the best that is Deerfield.

TENNIS – Girls

Tennis Coaches’ Award: Catalina Llorente

The Sara C. Schewe Trophy (MVP): Isha K. Rao

The Sara C. Schewe Award is given in memory of Sara Schewe, Deerfield Class of 1993. The award is given to an outstanding player who shows heart, resilience, and dedication to improving their game.

TRACK – Boys

The Deerfield Academy Track Trophy: Quinton J. Quirrenbach

To the Most Valuable Man.

1983 Team Award: Ricardo V.Gonzales

 To that member of the Varsity or JV Track team who, in the opinion of his peers, contributed the most through his dedication to the team and by his encouragement to others.

TRACK – Girls 

The Deerfield Academy Track Trophy: Ismay S. Anderson

To the Most Valuable Woman.

1983 Team Award: Mina Y. Liang

To that member of the Varsity or JV Track team who, in the opinion of her peers, contributed the most through her dedication to the team and by her encouragement to others.


Spirit of the Game Award: Gerardson A. Alexandre & Maya F. Laur


The Coaches’ Award: Madison S. Clough

To the teammate who always played with a strong heart and sharp mind.



JV Baseball        

Most Improved Player: Gale Gai & Ben King

Boys Rowing

The Novice Rowing Award: Trey Suter & Alex Judelson

Girls Rowing

The Novice Rowing Award: Tory Hansen

JV Golf

Most Valuable Player: Jarod Harrington

Boys JV Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player: Will Dale

Girls JV Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player: Olivia Geraci & Emily Stonestreet

Boys JV Tennis

Most Improved Player: George Darling

Girls JV Tennis     

Most Improved Player: Deirdre Mullowney

Most Valuable Player: Tess Mannix

Congratulations Deerfield on a great spring season!

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Go Big Green!