Spring Athletic Awards Announced

On Wednesday at School Meeting, Mr. Howe delivered his spring Top 10 poem with the help of several senior students and announced this spring’s athletic award winners which included; ten JV award winners, 21 varsity awards winners and three senior award winners.  This spring’s teams experienced extraordinary success, highlighted by:

  • two undefeated varsity seasons – golf and boys rowing;
  • girls lacrosse going on a 12-0 run finishing their season at 12-2;
  • boys lacrosse defeating a #2 nationally ranked Salisbury and finishing the season at 13-2;
  • boys and girls varsity tennis both qualifying and returning to the New England Championships;
  • water polo posting an impressive 11-4 record this year, claiming 3rd place at the New England Championships;
  • softball qualifying for their post season tournament in back-to-back seasons;
  • baseball returning to the Blackburn Tournament league championship for the first time in five years;
  • girls rowing posting a near-perfect record and, along with the boys, are strong contenders at this Saturday’s New England championships;
  • track’s Josh Steven ’18 and Victoria Patterson ’20 winning gold at the New England championship meet and Alton Machen ’20 taking second place in the 300 hurdles;
  • cycling competing in far off lands, representing the school so well;
  • and the ultimate team, competing at higher levels than ever, always having a blast practicing in the south division fields!

Mr. Howe’s Top 10

Today Mr. Howe pulled me aside and told me that I’m great!
Then he asked me to lead off his last poem of 2000, one, eight.
What an honor for me to finish off in my senior year
Saying congratulations to our teams and my friends who are all here.
So sit back and relax and I won’t be doing this all alone
You’ll see several members of my class who this spring have also shone.
Let’s start at number 10 with a sport that’s on the rise
Starting next year ULTIMATE will be a varsity sport.  SURPRISE!!
Number 9 is the place we’ll list softball’s greatest game;
Against Taft Meaghan O. threw a perfect game putting her in our Hall of Fame!
Boys lacrosse has had a great season! We beat teams that thought they were great
The Salisbury win shows why we get the spot at number eight.
We think the same way and we too deserve our spot next to you
We had a great season with a record of 12-2.
Baseball is the game that brings to us that little piece of heaven.
We made it back into the Blackburn Tournament and are pumped with our place at seven.
Coming in at six, our Varsity tennis teams each made the New England Tournament with our gritty and patient play
Next year, with our new covered courts, rain and snow can’t ruin our day!
We love playing for Deerfield, for our coaches, and for representing our school
Thanks Coach Speer. Good Luck! Thanks for your commitment to us and for being so cool.
This year’s water polo team made it to the Liquid Four because of our drive
Our team had great leaders, combined with the talent, to claim spot Number 5
We are those few you see speed by in a blur
And you walk away wondering who those green shirts were.
This group trains hard all spring and on bikes compete hard to the core
That’s probably why we got the nod at number Four.
At Three – The Boys and Girls track teams have some great athletes – we know this to be fact
Victoria, Josh, Helen, Nate, Lily, Ossie and Inho are just a few who keep our reputation intact.
Our teams this year had 23 senior members – all who brought us leadership and skills
Together we provided  team strength with our combined wills
Number 2 – We finished the regular season undefeated with a record of 15-0
Winning the Newport Invitational proved to the League that this team could “Go”
4 seniors led the way and I’m proud to be the one speaking here to you.
Today we try to win a New England Championship. Go Big Green! Let’s see what we can do!!!
We are excited to find out that we made the Top Ten List
We travel so much we wonder if people know we exist!
Our coaches and teammates have been working really hard for a long time
The New England races are this weekend and we’re hoping to hit our prime.
Stay tuned and wish us all the best as we train to take gold
Rowing for D.A. will never get old!!!!
Thank you DA for making this happen…
This sure was fun working with all these stars
It’s hard to imagine them leaving soon with parents in cars.
Don’t worry about a thing Coach Howe because do you want to know what I think?
We’ll be back visiting Deerfield soon – From Deerfield I won’t shrink!
Deerfield Academy is a part of me now.
We’ll see you all at Choate Day —–Ciao

JV Awards

JV BASEBALL – Most Improved Player – Chijioke Achebe ’21

BOYS’ ROWING – The Novice Rowing Award – Spencer Hurst ’20

GIRLS’ ROWING – The Novice Rowing Award – Mariachiara “Kikka” Giudici ’30

JV GOLF – Most Valuable Player – Janis Chen ’20

BOYS’ JV LACROSSE – Most Valuable Player – Will Savage ’20

GIRLS’ JV LACROSSE – Most Valuable Player – Cornelia Mackay ’18 & Most Improved Player – Megan Graves ’18

BOYS’ JV TENNIS – Most Valuable Player – Alex Alijani ’19 & Jeffrey So ’19

GIRLS’ JV TENNIS – Most Improved Player – Julia Ferrante ’20

Varsity Awards


Arthur S. Williams, Jr. Baseball Trophy – Jared S. Pantalony ’18

The Arthur S. Williams Baseball Trophy is awarded to that player on the Varsity Baseball team who, in the opinion of the coaches, has displayed competitive spirit and devotion to the game, and whose unselfish efforts on behalf of the team best exemplify those characteristics of Art Williams, coach of baseball at Deerfield from 1938-1970.

Reverend G. Richard McKelvey Spirit Award – Samuel A. St. Jean ’18

Established in honor and recognition of the Reverend G. Richard McKelvey’s 30-plus years of service to the Deerfield Academy baseball program, the annual Spirit Award is given to the player, manager or supporter of Deerfield Academy baseball who has demonstrated a special passion for, and dedication to, the game of baseball.


The Coaches’ Award – Vanja Obradovic ’18

ROWING – Girls

The Coaches’ Award – Anna B. Scott ’18


The Coaches’ Award – Julian K. O’Donnell ’18


The Jerry Daly ’72 Golf Award – Lowell S. Weil III

This award is given to an exceptional golfer who consistently demonstrated passion, commitment, dedication and sportsmanship to the game of golf.  Like Jerry Daly ’72, those named on this trophy displayed integrity, quiet confidence, embodied the true spirit of the game, and as a result had a significant impact on teammates.


The Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy – Nolen A. Rockefeller ’18

Presented annually to that lacrosse player who, in the opinion of the coach, has by his constant striving contributed most to both the improvement of himself and of his team.

Rhodes Cup –  Jose T. Boyer ’18

To be given each year to that outstanding first year member of the Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team who, in the opinion of the coaches, best displays the leadership, determination, and dedication of Andrew W. Rhodes.


Deerfield Lacrosse Coaches’ Award – Hannah M. Valencia ’18

The Coaches’ Award is given annually to a member of the team who displays character and discipline both on and off the field and accepts any challenge put before her.

The Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy – Olivia M. Jones ’18

This bowl is presented in loving memory of Benjamin C. Haviland to that lacrosse player who, in the eyes of the coach, most clearly exemplifies the qualities which were outstanding in his life of dedication to the development of women.

The Ramsay Cup – Allison E. Norris ’18

Given through the generosity of Roderick McKay Ramsay ’57, the Ramsay Cup is       presented annually to the boy or girl varsity midfielder who excels in all facets of that        most difficult position.


The Deerfield Softball Award – Meaghan L. O’Brien ’18

To the player who contributes most to the spirit of and success of the team over the course of the season.


James L. Ford Deerfield Tennis Trophy – Matthew M. Wuyan ’18

To Deerfield’s outstanding male player.

The Holton Sayce Memorial Award – Gideon G. Yektai ’18

To that member of the Boys Varsity Tennis team, not necessarily the best player, through his sportsmanlike conduct on the tennis court and by the example set among his teammates, has most nearly exemplified the best that is Deerfield.

TENNIS – Girls

Tennis Coaches’ Award – Adeliza C. Grace ’18

The Sara C. Schewe Trophy (MVP) – Victoria D. Waterfall ’19

TRACK – Boys

The Deerfield Academy Track Trophy – Joshua P. Stevens ’18

To the Most Valuable Man.

1983 Team Award – Inho Choi ’18

To that member of the Varsity or JV Track team who, in the opinion of his peers, contributed the most through his dedication to the team and by his encouragement to others.

TRACK – Girls

The Deerfield Academy Track Trophy – Victoria V. Patterson ’20

To the Most Valuable Woman.

1983 Team Award – Elizabeth S. Louis ’18

To that member of the Varsity or JV Track team who, in the opinion of her peers, contributed the most through her dedication to the team and by her encouragement to others.


The Coaches’ Award – Bailey C. Smith ’18

To the teammate who always played with a strong heart and sharp mind.

Senior Awards

Thomas Spater ’55 Award –  Hollin R. Hanau ’18

Presented to a senior participant in interscholastic athletics who through perseverance, team spirit and campus citizenship exemplifies the goals of interscholastic athletics and provides a role model for his/her teammates.  The recipient can be an active non-varsity or varsity player, a manager, an injured player or anyone who has continued to contribute to the team through his/her perseverance, as well as interest in and dedication to the team concept.

The William B. Jaffe Award – Meaghan L. O’Brien ’18

To the student who has exhibited courage, leadership, and sportsmanship on the athletic field.

The Robert M. McDermott Award – Megan R. Graves ’18

To that senior athlete who, by hard work, determination, and loyalty to Deerfield, best exemplifies the qualities of Bob McDermott ’73.


Congratulations to all the students and coaches on a great spring term! Go Big Green!