Mr. Howe’s Fall Top-10

The current D-term has afforded us the opportunity to reflect and Mr. Howe took advantage to capture his fall Top-10. Although, Deerfield students are not on-campus during D-Term, Mr. Howe along with the help of Ms. Bunch brought his Fall Top-10 to the Deerfield community virtually and included highlights from our fall team’s competing! Read on and watch  for Mr. Howe’s reflections and offerings of gratitude for the commitment and contributions of our students and staff this fall. Go Big Green!

Greetings everyone. Thank you for watching this fall’s Top Ten. It certainly was an unusual time, but you all made it work and I’m so thankful for the extended amount of time we were able to spend together. Every week seemed to bring new challenges to the “normal” we’ve all been used to, but you all rolled with the punches and ultimately experienced a fall season that I hope you’ll remember for a very long time. Before we get started I want to read some words that capture your good spirit and commitment to being positive throughout the fall. These words come from Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and several motivational writings:

It goes like this – “No Matter what happens today, remember…. You might not be able to control all of your circumstances but you can control how you respond to them. Look for the good. Trust in the bigger plan. Respond instead of react.”   Well done this fall everyone!! Here’s My Fall 2020 Top Ten

Fall 2020 Top Ten

The summer of 2020 was our time to come up with a plan.
We had green fields, fresh air in the valley – just look at this scan.
Plans written on some paper but not tested, we didn’t really know where we stood
The students arrived in orchestrated sequence and right away showed us we could do this AND we should!
Teams would happen, recitals and plays made plans for their late in the fall Day
You students showed great character and proved you’d stay with us every step of the way.
You have committed to an awesome start to the year, girls, boys, women and men
Now to celebrate what you’ve been able to accomplish let’s move to this fall’s Top Ten!!
Our cross-country teams returned ready to compete. Both teams had a plan and worked hard preparing for their weekly meet.
First year head coaches Morris and Hodge set the tone right away. Their teams never flinched; a season with no in person races would be more than okay!
Coming in at nine has to be the girls fall team with sticks. Field Hockey has had winning seasons for many years in a row, way more than six!
Coach Calhoun stepped up big time while two coaches were planning for new kids. With great players and Coach Huang this team remained strong and avoided big skids.
Lily and Talbot led this group all the way through the work, play, and fun. When it came to staying motivated and setting the example this pair was the one!
Now comes volleyball who played the inaugural Green and White game – which was great. Their discipline with masks, rules and Covid regs bring them in at Number 8!
The intensity of their inter squad matches was there on display. I heard from parents, faculty, and their peers that watching their livestreams made their day!
Let’s give a cheer for this team’s 5 seniors, four of whom played. Co-captain Evan Burkert was injured, and showing great character she wanted to be part of this team, this year, and stayed.
The seventh spot goes to those students involved in our ceremony for signing a National Letter of Intent.
On that day these individuals reminded us in spite of all that might currently be wrong in the world things do work out. I hoped that message came across because it’s exactly what is meant.
To Tyler, Thomas, Katrina, Michael, Keri, Griffin, Matis, Tommy, and Kade – Congratulations again, and know 2020 wasn’t so bad – just look at the memory you’ve made!
Operating very differently from previous fall seasons boys water polo adopted other under the umbrella of aquatics. Co-ed water polo swim training all worked together to come in strong at six.
Coach Scandling worked with captains Willy and Marwan to form a cohesive team, and their generosity of spirit and inclusion made for quite a successful pool scheme.
Things like this were happening all through the floor. Our Deerfield athletes and artisans all stood tall answering the call.
At number five I can not forget about the event that helped keep school spirit alive. The Deerfield Arts Extravaganza that came to us late in the term deserves our collective high-five!
Artists, dancers, actors, musicians and technicians all took center stage the second weekend in November. The talent shown and the commitment demonstrated gave us all memories to remember.
Passion and talent happen everywhere on our campus; we know this to be fact. Our students climbed mountains this fall overcoming adversity whether they run, dance or act. My congratulations to the arts who made it all work with different locations and parts.
The team that comes in at four had an amazing 4 green/white games. First-year coach Casey Vollinger has made positive team culture part of their claims.
With no interscholastic games on their schedule this group turned inward to get the most from each other. They developed an energy and tempo that no circumstance could smother.
The same can be said for the girls’ soccer team with certainty of the highest degree. They earn their spot at number three. One of my favorite memories of this past season was watching this team practice late under their rented light. In spite of no games, they worked hard and practiced long hours to get things right.
My hat goes off to both soccer programs who often worked together similar to a program of one. Your inclusive practices set great examples and you worked together to make things fun.
Coming off a remarkable 2019 season beating Choate and winning the Silipo Bowl game, I worried the football crew would see a season without games as something pretty lame.
What I saw was anything but this and a remarkable standard was set. This team put on their pads, went to work and had a blast I bet.
I’m sorry not to see Cortland to Donnie one more time and set records new, but their leadership, faith in their coaches and continued great team culture gives football a well-deserved spot at number 2.
The top spot for this crazy, upside-down fall term goes to all our team and co – curricular faculty. All last summer I had confidence that we had the talent and dedication to keep a full program a reality.
Words are too easy and I hope my actions speak louder than this; Without your flexibility, and nimbleness our seasons would have been a big miss. Fall 2021 will be here before we know it. You’ve helped move us forward with great spirit and Deerfield grit.
Bring on the winter- let’s see what happens then. This fall gives us confidence and it’s not what if – but when!

Go Big Green!