JV Lacrosse Enjoys Inaugural Intersquad Scrimmage

Last week, the Big Green JV girls and boys lacrosse teams traded sticks and mixed teams in a friendly intersquad green and white scrimmage.  The students also brought the classroom to the field and renamed their teams “verde” and “banditos” to put into practice Coach Bicknell and Coach Savage’s Spanish classroom teachings.  At the final whistle, the score was 4-2 in favor of the “verde” team.  The game was tightly contested with both sides executing their passes, cuts and drives.  The coaches coordinated the match-up and Coaches Bicknell and Barbato officiated the contest. A great day for the Big Green!

Following the game coaches and teammates voted to award Bella Geraci ’19 the MVP trophy and Ollie Pink ’20 received the TAS trophy.

This season, the boys JV lacrosse squad holds a 10-3 record and the girls JV lacrosse team remains undefeated at 8-0-2.  The girls squad is one of three Deerfield teams to remain undefeated this spring.

On Wednesday, 5/16, the girls JV squad will return to action at Williston at 2:30pm and the boys JV lacrosse team will welcome Salisbury at 3:30pm.

Go Big Green!