Grit & Resiliency – Muji Karim Shares his Story with Deerfield Students

“I made a choice to eliminate if, can’t, try, almost and maybe from my vocabulary” shared Muji Karim with Deerfield students last Thursday and Friday while visiting campus. In the wake of becoming a bilateral amputee overnight, Karim made the choice to “stand tall and continue to fight.” Eliminating these limiting words from his vocabulary while committing to the goal that he could have a down day, but not two days in a row were parts of his first steps to recovery.

Karim was a scholarship football player at the University of New Hampshire and had received interest from Division I basketball and track programs. Simply said, Karim was an athlete. However, life challenged Karim’s identity as an athlete when he was severally burned in a 2011 car accident in Boston, which resulted in the loss of both of his legs and his left hand. After the accident, Karim’s prognosis was bleak. However, his outlook remained steadfastly optimistic and strong while enduring over two dozen surgeries and a several months stay in the hospital.

Karim has courageously overcome the odds following his accident with his infectious smile, contagious positivity and dedicated determination. Today, equipped with Muji Blades, Karim is the #2 ranked T-61 sprinter in the 200 meters in the United States and has his sights set on the 2020 Olympics!

There is no doubt that Karim is motivated to go fast. His written poem lyrics prove it, “The burns on my body put fire in my eyes. And the blades in a way, brought my feet back alive.”

I believe in H.O.P.E.

Helping Other People Excel by believing that differences create strength and opportunity. Challenges propel us forward; they do not hold us back.

-Muji Karim

Listen to Karim share his story:

Thank you Muji for sharing your story and inspiring us all to be great every day! We will be watching you compete in 2020!

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Go Big Green!