Fall 2022 Athletic Awards

At today’s School Meeting, the Big Green community gathered to celebrate all of our fall co-curriculars and their many accomplishments last term.

Mr. Howe kicked off the School Meeting by recognizing all of the fall teams, coaches, and spectators for their sportsmanship throughout the fall season.

Then, Mrs. Hynds came to the stage to recognize the fall Performing Arts co-curriculars and shared all of the many achievements that came to life in the Hess building. To conclude, Mrs. Hynds shared a slideshow of pictures from this fall’s different performances with a composition from Holden Woodward ’22 accompanying the slideshow.

Following the performing arts recognition, Mr. Howe announced all of the sub-varsity award winners. He then shared his Fall Top-10 which was topped off at the number one spot by the varsity volleyball team’s Class A NEPSAC Championship trophy which was presented by senior tri-captains Cate Shanahan, Zoe Gavros and Caroline Weller to Dr. Austin.

The celebration concluded with the introduction of the fall varsity award winners.

Mr. Howe’s Fall 2022 Top-10

I love our start to the year; the fall is my favorite of seasons. Watching this community come together again, those special weekends with our rivals, and watching you all set the tone for the year are just some of my reasons.

As we turn the page from the fall season for the Class of 2023 – remember times of good fun and special moments, and keep tight the memory.

When you get older the scores, records and results seem to fade. I know this to be true and what stays are the friends you’ve now made.

I’m a big believer that participation here at Deerfield is so important – be it on a team, an ensemble or a troupe. It’s such an added value being a member of a group.

Starting off at spot number ten, and I say these words again; Sportsmanship is one of the keys to success if you want program recognition to rise. We asked you all to recognize the work done by our officials and word came back to me that Deerfield won the prize. We value the game by stifling our cries!

Next up at nine I want to use a spot to recognize two rising stars that for me and you do much work behind the scenes. Let’s give a shout out to our newcomer Jake Lacasse and partner Kevin Fay – who do much more than just pass out the greens and grays.

At the Choate Day Pep Rally in the Kravis this year – a discovery was made – who knew such talent was so near? Called to the stage where he made his Choate Day Debut, came ninth grader Kwasi Adu-Gyamfi showing off his dance talents in full view! The crowd went bananas with the alumni there too. Kwasi kicked up some dust and sparked quite a hullabaloo.

That was eight, and now up at seven I’d be remiss not to give recognition to a few dedicated student managers that consistently put others first. Ileana, Thayer, Aye, Izzy, Ephraim and Don are just some of those student managers that gave us so much unreimbursed. Community builders without being coerced.

Standing tall at spot number 6 is this fall’s only undefeated team. The 11-0 thirds volleyball team led by Mia and Zoe was the only team left standing for that undefeated season dream. Sure, there were other J.V. teams that came close like field hockey, soccers, water polo and of course the Jr. B’s…but pulling off perfection proves that undefeated seasons don’t come very easily like apples in trees.

It’s always important to remember there are countless ways at Deerfield to reach one’s full-potential and thrive. We see this often with our visual and performing arts teams- they are a lock today for that spot number 5. Congrats to the cast and crew responsible for Radium Girls and for all the performances we enjoy in all areas of the Hess. The talent you show and share with us adds greatly to this community’s success.

We are closing in on that top spot as we come to spot number 4. A shout out to seniors strengthening our sub-varsity team’s core. Student athletes like Jack Willet, Catherine Pajak, Bob Zhang, Matt Dillon, Ashley LaBucherie, and of course Brendan Butz all come to my mind. Leadership, integrity, love of the game are just part of why these folks are so inclined to stay on teams and keep rosters primed.

Now up at THREE is a team that may come as a surprise. They have grit, dedication and size, but its their passion for supporting others that gives them this prize. Our cheerleaders, led by Peter Shea, Christian Reavis, Meghan Holland, and others have answered the call – and that’s to promote positive cheering for Deerfield at all games this fall.

Close to the top spot I recognize key contributors, lovers of sport and team, who might get recognition by too few. So many fills this category – you know who you are – so sit back and take your bow at position #2. There will be big holes in my short list, but I want to mention a few names – because these student-athletes make it fun to go watch the games.

Eve Andon, Songa and Steve Souder kick the round ball and play the game slick. While Charlotte Iler and Cal Ferraris were impactful carrying their field hockey stick. Jerry Huang and Alessandro captained polo to another successful year. While Chigozie and Tiny played with grit, resilience and no fear. The Harriers got strength and inspiration in a whole lot of ways. Troopers like Finn, Jeff Han, Bronte and Fiona helped keep their teams balanced every one of the days.

All-League mention in these sports can only go to a select few. We give an All- Deerfield certificate to our team athletes just like you.

Make no mistake about it – Volleyball comes in at number 1 for being Deerfield’s best show. They won the New England Class A title for the second year in a row. Their record has been 37-3 over this two-year stretch, which has put them in a class of their own. As the program’s success has grown their team ethos proves team unity beats doing things alone. Today we congratulate the team and those 7 seniors: Elle Stearns, Meghan Holland, Natalie Meyer, Georgia Sackrey, and captains Caroline Weller, Zoe Gavros, and Cate Shanahan.


JV Field Hockey
Most Valuable Player: Josephine Cramer

JV Football
Most Valuable Player: Nick Gerard

Girls’ JV Soccer
Most Valuable Player: Hadley Spater

Boys JV Soccer
Most Improved Player:  Kiefer Ebling

Boys Jr. A Soccer
Most Improved Player: Theo Deinard
Most Valuable Player: Ryan Bai

Boys Jr. B Soccer
Most Improved Player: John Mandiamy
Most Valuable Player: Brendan Butz

JV Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Olivia Smit
Most Valuable Player: Megan Ng

Thirds Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Karen Park
Most Valuable Player: Maisy Johnson & McKenzie Goltermann

JV Water Polo:
Most Dedicated Player: Giulio Migliarina


The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy – Carson Bynum
Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize his own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of his team.

Peter C. Brush Award – Jackson Collins
To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of his teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy – Alexis Miller
Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize her own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of her team.

Peter C. Brush Award – Larabee Pollack
To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of her teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

The Deerfield Field Hockey Cup – Sage Piekarski
To that member of the field hockey team who, with a positive spirit, gave her best effort to the game every moment she was on the field.

Thomas Williams Ashley Memorial Award – Christian Reavis
In memory of Thomas Williams Ashley, Class of 1911 – “He played the Game”

Frank Dahowski Award – Bob Provost
“In the spirit and memory of Frank Dahowski”

The Holbrook Ellis Cup – Jeffry Kamil & Gavin Rigney
To that member of the team who, in the opinion of the players and coaches contributed the most to the success of the team. (Awarded annually since 1923)

The Marjorie Ellis Cup – Fife McCargo & Jasmine Irizarry
To that girl, by her exemplary skill, sportsmanship, and devotion to her teammates, has made a significant contribution to the varsity soccer team.

The Coaches’ Award – Zoe Gavros & Cate Shanahan
Awarded to the player who provides leadership on and off the court, has achieved a high level of technical skill, and brings pride to the team and Deerfield through her play and sportsmanship.

Most Valuable Player – Ben Levai

Click here for pictures from School Meeting.

Congratulations to all of the fall 2022 co-curriculars!