Fall 2021 Athletic Awards

At Wednesday’s School Meeting, the Deerfield community celebrated the achievements of all our fall co-curriculars.

Mrs. Hynds and Mr. Bergeron reflected and shared the many accomplishments of the Arts programs this past term, as live performances returned to campus with much anticipation and enthusiasm.

Mr. Howe shared with the audience his poetic Fall Top-10 and announced this fall’s athletic team award winners.

View award pictures from School Meeting here.

Fall 2021 Top-10

The fall season of 2021 gave to us all something we had seriously yearned. A full-slate of games and a Choate Day had returned!
You came back to campus all together before Labor Day which for some felt obtrusive, But once here and settled you realized it was a start that was much more inclusive.
Back was the energy, team spirit, and smiles on every face. Activities, games, and so much more were back and Deerfield, once again, was this great place.
Over 225 games played, a theater production, dance showcase, musical and art opening events occurred in the start of a new year. It’s great to be back, so let’s give a big cheer!
The Top Ten has taken up much of my time! With so much good going on; Who should be given a line?
Starting off at 10 is a student-athlete I admire a lot. He stepped away from a sport, but as a senior decided to give it another shot.
Why not get involved, support another team, be a leader and have some fun? Beat Choate, win a Bowl game…so thanks go to Rob Amundson.
Next up at nine are those that model team work and positive culture every day. It starts with our department newbie Kevin Faye who we are finding is way more than okay!
Norm, who has served this school well for over 47 years in the cage – stepped up and now works with several girls’ teams – proud and eager to turn the page!
Your coaches, new leadership curriculum, and conversations all around your school – Makes being involved more meaningful and having a shared experience is very cool!
Choate Day makes this list for good memories made that day. Their teams came onto campus and by days end did not want to stay.
We beat them early in volleyball and field hockey and later finished them off in nearly every sport. At the end of the day they left for their busses not needing an escort.
For two years coming to Deerfield, those Choate teams have known their fate. Our 10-2-1 record in 2021 gives this the spot number eight.
Boys cross-country did something this fall that hasn’t been done in quite a long while. They medaled at New England’s, taking third and significantly raising our school’s harrier profile.
This group defined “TEAM” when it came to their success and how to win. Quinn led the way, but needed Max, Carson, Trey, Robbie, Blix and Chase to get past where they thought they could go and dig in.
That was seven and here comes six, I have a few contests this fall that could fill Hollywood scripts.
Let’s start with the Boys soccer epic win over the Berkshire Brown Bear. Tynan’s shot down ½ field gave their goalie and that team a real scare. Or how about wins over Taft from Field hockey and the girls soccer team? Big wins over ranked foes is what being competitive really means.
Kelly, Morgan, Maddy, Ainsley, Tynan, Nyle and Derek led their teams from start to finish. Their teams played hard and never let effort diminish.
At FIVE, let’s mention the sub-varsity teams with seasons of their own to remember. Their momentum of improved play had them at their best in November. Boys J.V. and Junior A soccer combined for a 23-3-4 season record; a place on this list will have to suffice for their award. And how about two other teams who might now be thinking “what about me!!??”  J.V. water polo and volleyball combined for a record of 23-3!!
Congrats to all non-varsity teams for contributing greatly to this fall. I admire anyone with the commitment and courage to try and do it all.
Prior to the Choate Day our campus was a lit. We all went to the theater to see Rumors and this show was a hit! The entire cast deserves a huge amount of praise, especially a student named Dom. His performance was incredible – he was simply “da Bomb”
Our hats off to the cast, members of the dance showcase, and contributors to all art event sorts. Their talents, time and dedication to craft is equal to varsity sports. These teams in the arts don’t keep a score but they certainly deserve their spot this fall at number four.
At spot number three I want to recognize Quinn Hampson for the journey in becoming an elite runner he’s had. His hours of training alone, on country roads, in bad weather would make most of us go mad. His story is about setting goals, follow through, and doing all that he should. It demonstrates discipline, staying the course, and believing that he could.
His ability to both focus on himself as well as others around him is that rare recipe. His leadership through action and sharing will be his Deerfield cross-country legacy.
Volleyball and Football are those teams that deserve these last slots. Deciding on one or the other could tie have tied me up in knots.
Having no number two and going with two top picks is where I land. And given these incredible seasons I know you all will understand.
Football repeats as the Mike Silipo Bowl Champion – what a delight. Coach Barbato, the coaching staff, senior leadership got their season just right.
Injuries, and a tough schedule never let this group fall behind. They met every challenge with muscle and mind and not once did the leadership make it feel like a grind.
While Football was cranking out wins week after week, our volleyball team was inside working on their own impressive streak.
At 19-2 this was a season we will all remember. But most impressive was they saved their very best for the month of November.
Team leaders Daphne Gavros, Cate Shanahan, Liam O’Brien and Jeffrey Jamiel willed their teams to compete at a championship level for their final game. Seasons we all will remember – part of a Deerfield Hall of Fame.
Congratulations to all fall term teams – I hope you had some fun. You’ve demonstrated good sportsmanship, created some life-long friendships, and learned some valuable lessons on how to be better…well done!


The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy – Quinn Hampson
Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize his own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of his team.

Peter C. Brush Award – Chase Cherewatti
To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of his teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy: Aerin Lo
Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize her own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of her team.

Peter C. Brush Award: Jean Jin
To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of her teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

The Deerfield Field Hockey Cup – Maddy Zavalick
To that member of the field hockey team who, with a positive spirit, gave her best effort to the game every moment she was on the field.

Thomas Williams Ashley Memorial Award – Geoffrey Jamiel
In memory of Thomas Williams Ashley, Class of 1911: “He played the Game”

Frank Dahowski Award – Cooper Demallie
“In the spirit and memory of Frank Dahowski”

The Holbrook Ellis Cup – Tynan Creagh
To that member of the team who, in the opinion of the players and coaches contributed the most to the success of the team. (Awarded annually since 1923)

The Marjorie Ellis Cup – Kelly Howe & Morgan Moriarty
To that girl, by her exemplary skill, sportsmanship, and devotion to her teammates, has made a significant contribution to the varsity soccer team.

The Coaches’ Award – Daphne Gavros
Awarded to the player who provides leadership on and off the court, has achieved a high level of technical skill, and brings pride to the team and Deerfield through her play and sportsmanship.

Most Valuable Player – Alex Volkman


Most Improved Player – Josephine Cramer
Most Valuable Player – Zeyna Ilahi

JV Football:
Most Improved Player – Chigozie Oge-Evans
Most Valuable Player – Dylan Camp

Coaches Award – Caroline Hoff & Greer Anderson

Most Improved Player – Mariam Kokosadze

Most Improved Player – Henry Griffin

Most Improved Player – Jason Bannerman
Most Valuable Player – Winston Cho

Most Improved Player – Nikhil Lebaka

Most Improved Player – Olivia Konar
Most Valuable Player – Lucy Guo

Most Improved Player – Simi Lawal
Most Valuable Player – Julia Hioe & Olivia Smith

Most Improved Player – Barron Celli

Congratulations to the fall award winners and all fall co-curricular participants and coaches!

Go Big Green!