Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Boys Thirds Basketball: Michael Hioe ’27
Michael Hioe ’27 has been the most consistent contributor on both sides of the court. He comes to practice every day with hard work on the mind and it translated into the game setting. The most skilled on the team, he is coachable and leads by example. His high-level of basketball IQ means he can settle the team down when things begin to speed up. He is a critical piece of the team’s 8-2 record.

JV Swimming: Miu Yatsuka ‘24, Ella Davies ‘24, and Elizabeth Richards ’24
JV Swim would like to nominate Miu Yatsuka ‘24, Ella Davies ‘24, and Elizabeth Richards ’24 as our Doors of the Week this week. Miu, Ella, and Elizabeth are our senior captains this year and have led the team with positivity and grace. They have modeled how to work hard, cheer on their teammates, and have fun each and every day. They’ve been integral in creating the growth-oriented and spirited culture that makes JV swim the amazing team that it is. We’ve loved watching them grow into the phenomenal leaders they are today and feel extraordinarily lucky to benefit from that leadership. Their senior meet is tomorrow, so we thought it would be fitting to honor them!

Girls Varsity Basketball: Riley Farmer ‘26
Our door of the week is Riley Farmer ‘26. Fresh off an injury, Riley was a contributor in our last two games. Her impressive defensive and rebounding were important factors, even in tough losses. She works hard to improve her skill set each day and continues to strive to be her best.

Boys JV Squash: Michael Wu ’27
Michael won a big match at his former school, Eaglebrook, where many of his former schoolmates were watching. We were down 4-3 with two matches on, Michael and one other. We needed both to win and Michael had to come back from 2-1 and was fighting a cold. He closed it out as did the other player and we ended up winning 5-4. Michael has played at the bottom of our ladder for most of the season and has played competitively in key moments for us.

Music Concentration: Peggy Huang ’27
Cellist Peggy Huang ’27 has emerged as a star of the winter musical production of Alice by Heart. She weaves her passionate cello playing into the entire show, infusing every single song with beauty and character. Her devotion and hard work have taken the show to another level. Hear her and the rest of the team perform Alice By Heart February 22nd – 24th in the Main Auditorium.

Girls JV Basketball: Charlie Rolland ’26 and Izzy Ramirez ’25
Charlie: The Door of the Week for Girls JV Basketball is Charlie Rolland ’26. Charlie has recently stepped up to play significantly more in response to a teammates injury and has done wonderfully in the roll. She played beautifully in Wednesday’s game against Suffield. She is great at handling the ball and bringing it up the court, even when being pressed, and has great awareness of the position of her teammates on the court. She was one of the top point earners in the game, including a few beautiful rebounds. Beyond all this Charlie also has a fantastic attitude and is always excited to participate in practice.

Izzy: The Door of the Week for Girls JV Basketball is Izzy Ramirez ’25. Izzy has had a great season so far and continues to improve each week. She comes to every practice with a positive attitude and strikes the perfect balance between fun and focus. Izzy clearly cares deeply about the game and takes our games very seriously. She was one of the top point earners during Wednesday’s game against Suffield and beautifully executed our “Fire” play. We are so happy to have Izzy on the team as player and a leader and cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds for her.

Boys JV Hockey: Sophia Sotirhos ’25 and Devon Coleman ’25
Boys JV Hockey would like to nominate Sophia Sotirhos and Devon Coleman as their Doors of the Week. Consistency and excellence are just two words to describe the role Sophia and Devon have played on this year’s team. They go above and beyond what is asked of them and they ARE a part of our team. We are lucky to have them and the entire team thinks we have the best managers at Deerfield. Thanks for all the support, encouragement, and positivity you bring to the rink everyday you two!!!

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving: Margot McAuliffe ’24
This week’s DAGVSD Door of the Week is Margot McAuliffe. As a four-year senior captain, Margot has led her teammates with her level-headedness, resilience, and sense of humor. Despite a recent injury, she adapts practices to ensure that she can remain healthy, stay active, and spend time with her teammates. Her focus coupled with her playfulness encourages others to stay optimistic in the face of challenges. We are grateful for her leadership and commitment!

Girls Varsity Squash: Natalia Sanders ‘24
Natalia picked up squash only last year but has made a serious commitment to the sport this year as a senior.  Her talents on the tennis court has translated well to the squash courts and she has been a valuable member of the varsity lineup.  Heading into New Englands and Nationals, Natalia is playing her best squash and will give us a great chance to pull an upset, her strong drives often surprise her underpowered opponents. Natalia has been an excellent leader for our young team and we’re so happy she discovered a love for squash!

Girls Thirds Basketball: Ellora Devitra, Maeve Donovan, Jesse Gachago, Jennifer Jing, Jessica Luiru, Janet Ogbeiwi, Victoria Oguta, Abby Paucar, Ella Waag and Nathan Adu-Gyebi
With limited games this season, the team has had a lot of practice time.  Team members have had extremely positive attitudes, and a lot of fun in the process.  The group has had so much growth in both skills and team culture.  They are a pleasure to coach!

Drawing & Painting: Casey Kittredge ’25
Title: Hidden World
Materials: Acrylic Paint
Dimensions: 15 inches x 19 inches

Go Big Green!