Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Water Polo: Robert Amundson ‘22
Robert Amundson ’22 is the player of the week for water polo.  In addition to learning to score and defend at the 2-meter position, Robert scored the last-second goal to spur White to victory in last Wednesday’s contest. His size and speed make a difference at both ends of the pool.

Girls Cross-Country: Daisy Fitchthorn ’23, Lillian Regal ’24, Sally Rolland ’23, and Kaitlyn Xia ’24
The Doors of the Week for the girls xc team are our ninth grade and sophomore novice runners who have worked hard and put in an amazing season! Daisy Fitchthorn, Lillian Regal, Sally Rolland, and Kaitlyn Xia have all grown so much as runners over the last seven weeks, as was evidenced by their incredible performances during Saturday’s race where each one of them went further and/or faster than they have ever gone before. This improvement is a direct result of their positive attitudes and the way in which they have embraced each workout and long run, despite their unfamiliarity with the program. Great work, runners!

Varsity Field Hockey: Lexi Watson ‘24
Lexi Watson ’24 scored on Wednesday to give her team their only goal in the closely fought 1-1 Green & White scrimmage.  While she is a self-described defender, she has shown shown us that she also has an eye for the goal and a stick that is quick and deceptive.  She has a great understanding of where to be on the field in order to support her teammates, and while her demeanor might suggest she is naturally calm and unruffled on the sidelines, she is aggressive on the field and can control play in our offensive end.  Lexi has been a great contributor this October and has helped lead a large group of 9th graders on this team.

Boys JV Soccer: Song Rwamucyo ’23
Song Rwamucyo has been a great leader on this team all season long. On the field, he plays in the midfield where he blends unselfish distribution to the wings with a killer shot and soft touch in traffic. He also communicates very well with his team as they coordinate attacks and defense. He is also punctual, attentive to coaching, hard working in drills, and is likely to be gathering balls and cones when nobody is looking. The team has really coalesced this season in large part to Songa’s energy and leadership.

Boys Cross-Country: Chip Coffin ’21, Charlie Lewis ’21, Joe Brown ’23, Trey Souder ’22, Blix Salz ’24
This week’s Door of the Week nomination goes to a seriously impressive middle-back varsity pack comprised of Chip Coffin, Charlie Lewis, Joe Brown, Trey Souder, and Blix Salz, each of whom has committed hard work throughout the season and in this past week’s 3k saw their efforts begin to pay off. They all have improved tremendously throughout the season, and the culture that they have been building is the kind of culture that could yield some awesome futures for this team.

JV Volleyball: Grace Stone ’22 and Elena Lu ’22
JV Volleyball’s “Doors of the Week” are Grace Stone and Elena Lu.   Grace is the Setter for the White team this season and has taken on a lead role in the orchestration of her team’s success.  She is everywhere on the court and her consistency allows her teammates to build trust and remain calm under pressure.  More than anything, Grace’s warm demeanor and smile (somehow we can see it, even under her mask) brightens all of our days.  Elena Lu has been a leader on the Green Team.  She is always challenging herself and her team to try harder and communicate more.  When Varsity Volleyball had some team injuries that led them to needing another player, Elena was the obvious choice to send to them.  We will miss her but know they will appreciate not only her solid skills and competitive nature but her fun and can-do attitude.  Good luck Elena!

Thirds Volleyball: Adaugo Nwaokoro ’24 and Chrissy James ’24
Both Adaugo and Chrissy were not able to participate in official scrimmages. While both were disappointed, they decided that they wanted to continue supporting the team in official scrimmages and working on their skills in the practices. Both volunteered to be our official managers for games, working the scoreboard and taking notes, all the while cheering on their teammates from the sidelines. As coaches, we are proud of them for their maturity and team-first attitude.

Boys Varsity Soccer: Ben King ’21 and Duwon Lee ’21
Ben King and Duwon Lee for bringing and excellent compete level and work ethic every time they step on the pitch. Leading by example, they make everyone else play harder and compete to the final whistle.

Football: Alexa Luther ’21, Jenelvis Rodriguez ’22, and Jasmine Decossard ‘22
The Football team’s Door of the Week is our amazing group of managers Alexa Luther ‘21, Jenelvis Rodriguez ’22 and Jasmine Decossard ’22.  All three of these members of our team have committed to supporting our coaches and players every day.  They have been instrumental in filming drills at practice and scrimmages and uploading the video immediately after practice which has been valuable for our players.  It isn’t just setting up equipment, video or disinfecting balls that defines their roles with this team; Alexa, Jenelvis and Jasmine have all participated in team lifts, yoga sessions, running a 40 yard dash and 2 hand touch football games.  Their attitudes and commitment have been a valuable part of this team’s season.

Girls JV Soccer: Julia Hioe ’22, Greer Anderson ’22, Annabelle Brennan ’23 and Kathryn Margulis ‘24
This week’s Door of the Week goes to our four fearless keepers: Julia Hioe ’22, Greer Anderson ’22, Annabelle Brennan ’23 and Kathryn Margulis ’24 for their team first attitude and willingness to step up and try some time in net for our team. Greer and Julia are not new to the position, and are as versatile on the field as between the pipes. Annabelle and Kat have never played in net for us before, and we are so appreciative of their willingness to do whatever the team needs from them. All four have been instrumental in the success of our Green vs. White scrimmages, keeping the games even, and intensity level high.

Girls Varsity Soccer: Mary Lee ’23 & Elena Junkala ‘22
​Mary has impressed us with her steady improvement on defense this fall. Her quickness and composure help us build up plays from the defensive line and she doesn’t hesitate to go into hard tackles to win the ball. Keeping shape with only three players in the back can be difficult, but Mary has risen to this challenge well, focusing on pressure-cover in practice and implementing the principles in our scrimmages. Mary, keep up your hard work!
​Elena plays the game with speed and a vision for connecting with her teammates. Since returning from an injury, Elena has shown us her ability to attack on the dribble on the flank and to make creative plays with the midfielders to go to goal. Even while injured, Elena stayed as involved as she could, offering to help set up drills and practicing foot skills on the side when she was able. She has brought a spirit of intensity and camaraderie to the team since day one and we are excited to see what she does next!

Boys Jr. B Soccer: Barack Mwesigwa ’24
Barack Mwesigwa is the Boys Jr. B Soccer Door of the Week! Barack is an exceptional soccer player with incredible speed, touch, and vision of the field. His ability to beat defenders and create fast breaks in conjunction with perfectly placed crosses, make Barack’s impact on the field from the left midfield position hard to miss. Barack helped lead his team to victory with two goals and one assist in our most recent Green and White game. With a strong work ethic and natural leadership skills both on and off the field, Barack was an obvious choice as a Quad Squad DOTW!

Go Big Green!