Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Boys Cross-Country: Chas Arnold ’25
The Door of the Week is Chas Arnold ’25, who took second place in the boys JV race at this weekend’s NMH Invitational. While the result is notable, more exciting is the way that he raced: he was smart but aggressive, and tough as nails when the course got hard.

Varsity Field Hockey: Melanie Sabino ’25
The Varsity FH DOTW is our manager Melanie Sabino ’25. Melanie is a spectacular manager – calm, reliable, and hard-working. She is always on time and does a great job bringing the supplies and managing the various practice and game day tasks. Her teammates adore her, and we are so grateful that she is a member of the squad. Keep up the great work, Melanie!

Captain’s Council: Jeffry Kamil ’24
A shout out to Jeffry Kamil for his great leadership on boys varsity soccer!

Girls Varsity Soccer: Kaelin Creagh ’24
Kaelin Creagh is the girls varsity soccer DOTW. In the team’s first win of the season vs. Pomfret, Kaelin led the Big Green with two goal and two assists to spearhead the team’s offense! She continued her drive for goal creating several goal scoring chances against Williston. Keep up the great work!

Boys JV Soccer: Jack Borg ’27
Jack has earned DOTW with his play and his service to the team. His play in the attacking midfield position has been stellar. As a ninth grader, he has a keen sense of when to pass and when to possess. His passes have been sharp and creative. Our first goal at Kent came by PK which he earned and then later in the game he scored on a strong individual effort. His stamina and work rate are among the tops on the team right now. Furthermore, he regularly volunteers to carry equipment and lug water. He has certainly earned his team’s respect as a player and leader.

Varsity Volleyball: Charlotte Coody ’26
Door of the week for varsity volleyball goes to Charlotte Coody. Coody is a new sophomore this year and has quickly found herself as one of our two starting setters. Coody shows impressive ability to both set and hit, but her work ethic is what is most admirable. Every practice she is working on her decision making and execution skills to enable the DA offense. As she becomes more familiar with our systems and gets to know our hitters better, expect more precise and creative plays. We look forward to seeing her what she can do as our season progresses.

Boys Water Polo: Keith Gagnon ’26
After playing a few key minutes as a substitute in varsity games against St. John’s and Choate, Keith Gagnon ’26 swung down to anchor the JV squad in contests against both opponents. His heady defense prevented easy goals, and he helped initiate the offense with his ball skills in the mid-pool area. His young teammates definitely appreciated his steady support and great spirit.

Girls Cross-Country: Skye Georgiadis ’25
Skye Georgiadis, a new 11th grader from Interlaken, NY, has demonstrated her commitment to and joy in running for the Girls’ XC program in the first 5 weeks of the season. She’s been training hard – always eager to maximize the potential of a workout – and she’s done a great job integrating herself into the team by getting to know both new and returning runners. She was Deerfield’s 3rd to cross the finish line in the Brush Invitational 5K race in late September, and ran a fast pace at the challenging, hilly NMH course last weekend.

JV Volleyball: Blake Coleman ‘27
Blake Coleman ‘27, the sole 9th grader on our team, is a force to be reckoned with. Against NMH, she came in when the team was down during the 5th set and served so effectively she was able to right the course and set us up for the win. This week against Williston, Blake played outstanding defense and continued to ace the opposition. In practice, she is dialed in, supportive of her teammates, and a delight to coach.

Girls Thirds Volleyball: Gigi Selvig ’27
The 3rds Volleyball team would like to nominate Gigi Selvig for DOTW for this week.  Gigi is becoming a reliable player all around court and is quite adept at serving and playing  the net.  In our game against Miss Hall’s on Friday, we were behind 12 to 22 in the first set when Gigi started serving.  She calmly served the next 13 points, many of which were aces, to give us the win.  When Miss Hall’s took a time out at 16-22, Gigi said, “it is just 6 points.”  It was great to hear her confidence in herself and her team in a rather stressful moment.  Gigi always has a great attitude, and we thoroughly enjoy having her as part of our team.

Conditioning for Athletes: William Kertesz  ’27
Always positive and willing to go the extra mile, Will brings a smile to every session. His work ethic is inspiring and his commitment to challenge himself each and every day is impressive to witness. Great job Will!

JV Field Hockey: Charlotte Steffensen ’25 and Linnea Dreslin ’24
Our two stalwart starting middies, Charlotte Steffensen ’25 and captain Linnea Dreslin ’24, have played almost every minute of all four games this season (all of them wins). They have held us in the transition game, pressed on attack, run back on defense — relentlessly. Linnea and Charlotte work incredibly well as a pair, communicate well with their forward line and their backs, and have generally crushed it. We are so grateful for their super hard work, supportive play, and their positive energy always. Congratulations!

Boys Jr. B Soccer: Rowan Dias ’27
The Boy’s Jr. B DOTW is Rowan Dias! Rowan has continued to improve this year as he plays a pivotal role on defense. Always in a positive mood and ready to work hard, Rowan’s impact on the quad squad has not gone unnoticed this season!

Boys Varsity Soccer: Cooper Johnson ’26, Barack Mwesigwa ’24, and Ralph Vogel ’24
The boys varsity soccer specifically recognize Cooper Johnson, Barack Mwesigwa, and Ralph Vogel. They have been playing extremely hard anchoring the Big Green defense.

Football: Cole Bennett ’24 & Luke Reilley ’24
The football team’s DOTW this week are Luke Reilly and Cole Bennett.  Luke and Cole were outstanding in their effort as two way linemen on Saturday night for the football team’s big victory against Brunswick.  The Big Green’s offensive and defensive lines controlled the game through their physicality, agility and effort.  Luke and Cole are both outstanding players who will continue to lead the big guys for the Big Green.

Theater: Reed Ferguson ’24
Reed is tackling by far the biggest and most complex role he has had at DA and he is doing a fantastic job! Collaborative, focused and hardworking, Reed is doing his best work yet in Dracula, and we could not be more proud of his development as an actor. Bravo Reed!

Theater: Daphne Huang ’25
Daphne is also being challenged in her new role in Dracula, which requires her be totally unhinged throughout the production! Courageous, curious and willing to really push herself both physically and vocally, Daphne’s efforts are amazing, and we applaud her willingness to explore such a complex character.

Go Big Green!