Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Boys Varsity Swimming: Will Hill ‘24

This Boys Varsity Swimming DOTW is Will Hill. Now in his junior year, Will has become the team’s go to sprinter and relay anchor.  He has also motivated his teammates to take their training seriously and to compete at their highest level.  Watching him develop this year is similar to watching a caterpillar coming out of his cocoon and turning into a butterfly 🙂

Boys Varsity Diving: Gabe Swisher-Rosa ‘23, Toler Poole ‘24 & Forrest Gao ‘23

The Boys Varsity Diving DOTWs are Gabe Swisher-Rosa, Toler Poole, and Forrest Gao.  All three placed in the top ten at the New England Diving Championship meet held Wednesday at Deerfield.  Forrest even took 2nd place in only his second year of competitive diving!  All three divers had very strong seasons and have sent the swimming team into its Championship meet this weekend on a high note.

Girls Thirds Squash: Charlotte Crooker ‘26 & Nina Chen ‘26

Charlotte Brooker ’26 shows up to practice with boundless positive energy and enthusiasm. Over the course of the season, she’s played some impressive squash against tough competitors.

Nina Chen ’26 exudes a quiet determination. She is laser-focused during practice, always wanting to work on her game, and has had a very first squash season at Deerfield.

Boys Varsity Squash: Zi Yu ‘23, Read Kitchel ‘26 & Christian Capella ‘25

Zi Yu, Read Kitchel and Christian Capella. They all were 3-1 at Nationals last weekend. In our last match against Episcopal for fifth place, winning 5-2, they were outstanding.

Christian at one won 3-0: 11-6,11-6,11-2. His movement on the court was otherworldly! The look on his opponent’s face was saying” what do I have to do to get a point!

Zi, at two,played a boy who had a similar game. The match lasted over an hour with Zi winning 11-9,8-11,13-11, 9-11,13-11! Monumental!

Read Kitchel came to us from Episcopal and had played behind the boy he played. Read won in five games coming back from being down 2-0, 7-11, 5-11, 11-7, 11-9, 11-9. Great comeback.

Music Department: Don Hutchinson ‘23

Don Hutchinson joined the School Meeting House Band in the music co-curricular halfway through the term, hugely enhancing the ensemble with his rap and guitar skills. The band appreciates his talent, reliability, and the good humor he brings to our rehearsals.

Go Big Green!