Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Boys JV Squash: Anthony Sparacio ‘25

Anthony graciously rode the bench last week so that players beneath him on the ladder could play vs Avon Old Farms. Anthony has also improved his squash of late and has always been an eager and supportive teammate. We all appreciate his positive spirit and intense competitiveness.

Strength and Conditioning: Charlotte Iler ‘23

Strength and Conditioning is nominating Charlotte Iler, Charlotte is a Senior who came into this term looking to get into shape for lacrosse this spring. Since the beginning of the winter, she has been determined and focused on becoming a stronger, faster and more powerful individual. Since working with Charlotte, I have seen amazing improvement in all of those areas, and cannot wait to see how she performs this spring.

Girls Varsity Squash: Jade Zimmerman ‘25

Jade has been playing “up” on the ladder almost every match due to teammates’ injury/illness and has done an incredible job stepping up to the challenge.  She approaches practice every day with a positive approach and her squash has improved markedly over the season.  She’s in a great position to contribute meaningfully at the #4 spot for New England’s and Nationals, and, as a sophomore, is poised for two more winning years!

Theater: Gretchen Steever ‘24

As we are about to open the Winter production, Fools, A Comic Fable, it allows us reflect on the person who has been sending out rehearsal reports, taking attendance, making props lists, giving lines and basically keeping us all in check! Gretchen, our fearless stage manager (ably supported by ASMs Lillian Regal and Keoni Jones), with her methodical attention to detail runs a tight ship, which is necessary considering we have a big company and lots and lots of moving parts! Gretchen is responsible for “calling” the show too, which means every lighting and sound cue is called by her. The smooth running of the show depends on her and we are grateful for this stellar, and organized leader. Thank you Gretchen, from the bottom of our collective silly hearts!!

Girls Thirds Squash: Sunshine Chen ‘23

Sunshine Chen comes to practice dialed in and ready to work on her game. Her commitment to improvement this season has yielded exceptional results: she’s hitting the ball hard, serving well, and placing the ball effectively during points. Indeed, this week against Suffield’s JV team, she played an exciting match that went to 5 sets because of how effectively she moved her opponent around the court.

Boys JV Hockey: Alexander Rolfe ‘24

Alexander Rolfe has been steadily improving all season long. He is a player who knows how to compete while having fun playing a sport. On Wednesday he scored 2 goals in a 4-2 defeat and both goals happened because of his discipline and working hard to be in the right places. He’s a great teammate to others and has improved his skills as an athlete throughout this winter season. Keep up the great work Alexander!!!

Go Big Green!