Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Girls JV Squash: Grace Russell ’21 and Isha Rao ’22
Captains Grace and Isha took the initiative to lead the team through a couple of fun squash games this week.  They patiently explained the activities to their team-mates, and we had the opportunity to play games on Wednesday and Thursday.  During our last practice of the week, I saw the girls cheer each other on, and I have appreciated having Grace and Isha’s leadership in fostering a strong team dynamic.

Boys Varsity Hockey: Spencer Gallant ’22
Spencer Gallant earns our Door of the Week award. Spencer battled through injury over the last month and really stepped up for us against NMH on Saturday. He is a physical player who works hard in all three zones. We are proud of the way he has maintained his optimism and strong work ethic despite a challenging injury.

Girls varsity swimming diving, Caroline Mahony ’21.

Boys Thirds Basketball: Jake Rohan ’24 and Daniel Nolasco ’23
Our DOTW week are Jake Rohan and Daniel Nolasco. Jake is one of the leading scorers for the Green team, and has a great half-court shot, and we were happy to welcome Daniel both back to campus and to the 3rds team this week.

Boys JV hockey: Francis Gannon ’21, Mike Scharfenberger ’21, Jack Shanahan ’21, Benny Yang ’21
These four seniors have been key members of the team this year and each one for a different reason. I think it is the best to have seniors on this team, who love the sport and come ready to play every practice. This year could have been an easy “out” for any one of these four, but instead they decided to stick it out and our group benefitted greatly from their decision. Thanks to you four for keeping JV hockey the best thing to be a part of in the winter!!

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving: Caroline Mahony ’21
Our door of the week is Caroline Mahony, who is also one of our captains this year.

Drawing by Aneesha Misra ’21

Art: Millie Gu ’22, Aneesha Mishra ’21, and Natasha Leong ‘21

Click to view: Millie Gu ’22 drawing

Girls Varsity Basketball: Evan Burkert ‘21
This week, we would like to shout out Evan Burkert.  She has been an excellent senior leader on the team, always bringing a laugh, a song or a dance to the court!  When it comes down to business and focusing on the game, Evan steps up and delivers.  She was asked to play a major role in our first game of the season against Wilbraham and Monson on Friday, and she played outstandingly.  From rebounding to tough defense to taking the ball hard to the basket, she impressed her coaches and teammates with her performance.  We are lucky to have Evan on our team this year!

Theatre: Chrissy James ’24
Chrissy James ’24 receives a well-deserved DOTW because she simply rocks! A new student to the Theater Program, Chrissy is the epitome of professionalism and has impressed us all. Always the first to arrive at tech or rehearsal, or the first to volunteer her time, Chrissy is willing to put in the extra effort, and it has not gone unnoticed.  We have admired her courage to ask questions as she performs for Deerfield (in The Crucible) for the first time, and her consistency as an actor. Direct, collaborative and very funny, we thank Chrissy for all of her hard work, and look forward to witnessing her future contributions to the Theater Program.

Drawing by Natasha Leong ’21

Girls Thirds Basketball: Nainika Lebaka ’24 and Giorgia Santore ’24
A package deal on the squad this year, this incredible duo brings a mixture of intensity and levity to each practice session. Although both are always looking to demonstrate their skills in 3×3 or 2×2, they are able to bring channel their intensity and competitive spirit to even the most basic drills. More importantly, they are both extremely coachable. Their determination to learn a move or a shot – no matter how many times it takes – serves as a great example for the rest of the team. We are stronger because of these two.

Boys JV Basketball: Gabe Zaccheo ’22, Luke Shields ’22 and Will Stultz ’22
The Boys’ JV Basketball Doors this week are returning juniors Gabe Zaccheo, Luke Shields and Will Stultz  All three of these players have been critical parts of our success this season. They have led by example both in their efforts but also in their positive attitudes. Each player is quite distinct in their playing style on the court, Will – the lightning-quick point guard, Luke – the smooth-scoring small forward, and Gabe – our point forward who does it all. But each has provided strong leadership and have improved their own games while also helping their teammates develop and enjoy every day of practice.

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving: Mark Cai ’22
Mark Cai has taken his swimming to a new level in his junior year – quite an accomplishment in a year in which COVID has diminished the amount of time we are able to practice.  From the first practice of the season, Mark has demonstrated a strong leadership/mentor role with the boys squad.  From being our team DJ to organizing the team during stretching to swimming with purpose and seriousness in practices his commitment to the program is unrivaled.  Additionally, with our “virtual” meets this year, Mark’s star has shone brightly.  His times in all of his events have been superb and are setting the stage for what will be a highly anticipated and exciting senior season.  For his uncompromising commitment, outstanding performance, and true enthusiasm for the team, Mark Cai is the boys varsity swimming Door of the Week.

Varsity Wrestling: Kai Darrell ’24 and Brady Read ’24
This week’s double door for Varsity Wrestling are freshmen Kai Darrell ’24 and Brady Read ’24. Every practice, Kai and Brady come to the Kravis ready to work. They learn quickly, train hard, and wrestle with intensity. For our past two intramural meets, both Kai and Brady really got after it. They’ve proven themselves two of the most capable and focused athletes on the team. Off the mats, they’re good teammates, always talking shop and getting to know the returners. DA Wrestling is better for the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication that Brady and Kai bring to the Kravis. We’re fortunate to have them!

JV Swimming: Elena Zhao ’22 and Jenelvis Rodriguez ’22
JV Swimming is pleased to nominate Elena Zhao as Door of the Week.  Her hard work in practice paid off when she dropped 9 seconds in her 100 IM in this week’s Green and White Meet.  Elena’s positive attitude and determination make her a leader on the team and a welcome addition this year.
Jenelvis Rodriguez also had an awesome performance in this week’s Green and White Meet.  This season she has dropped 5 seconds in her 50 freestyle and her joyful excitement and irrepressible competitiveness make her an outstanding Door of the Week on the JV Swim team.

Go Big Green!