Athletes of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Athletes of the Week!

Varsity Field Hockey: Sharon Kereke ‘19

The varsity field hockey athlete of the week is Sharon Kereke ’19. From the first day of preseason, Sharon has brought a tremendous work ethic and a positive attitude to every practice and game. Her speed and eye for the net have made her an offensive force for us, especially this past week in our games against KUA and Loomis. Sharon played exceptionally well and netted a hat-trick in each game. She is a pleasure to coach and we are very proud of her for her stellar play so far this season!

Girls Varsity Soccer: Ruby Chase ‘21

The girls varsity soccer athlete of the week is Ruby Chase ’21. In the past couple of weeks, Ruby has emerged as a goal scorer for the Big Green. Last week she posted the game winning goal against NMH and scored the Big Green’s lone goal vs. Loomis on Saturday.  Ruby’s work rate, speed, and runs off the ball have made her a dangerous attacker for the Big Green. In practice, Ruby consistently sets the tone with her work rate and her eagerness to improve and implement coaching feedback on the field. It has been exciting to watch Ruby’s growth and dedication so far this season and we look forward to her continuing to be an offensive threat for the Big Green as we enter the second half of the season! Great job Ruby!

Girls Thirds Soccer: Kristen Ivey ’19

The Athlete of the Week for the Girls Reserve Soccer Team is Kristen Ivey.  With effervescent good cheer, Kristen has become a real team leader.  Her can-do, positive spirit and thoughtful support of her teammates has added tremendously to the cohesiveness, enthusiasm and morale of the team.

Girls JV Soccer: Kat Hioe ‘20

Kat earns this week’s pick for athlete of the week due to her team spirit and stellar goal keeping. Normally Kat only plays half the game as goalkeeper, but with our other goalkeeper injured she stepped up and made 16 huge saves for us to keep us in the game. At one point she made a big save, and then was able to dive across the net to catch the quick rebound! Even the ref came up to talk to us after the game about her excellent play.

JV Volleyball: Maddie Lee ‘20

The JV volleyball athlete of the week is co-captain Maddie Lee ‘20.  Maddie is the most versatile player on the team, playing all roles almost equally well.  One could easily make the mistake of assigning her to the category of backrow specialist.  For instance, she excelled in the back during this week’s victory over Hopkins.  No ball could be put past her, and she often slid on her knees to save a ball that was destined to hit the floor.  She has an amazing ability to not just keep a ball in the air, but also to send a perfect pass to the setter.  However, when Maddie moves to the front row, she demonstrates another pair of traits.  Firstly, she is often asked to serve as the team’s second setter on the court, due to her great ability to put a ball where the team’s hitters can be successful.  But as soon as you put her on the other side of a set, she jumps up and delivers a strong hit to the opponents.  Maddie is a true triple threat on the court and is one of the keys to the success of this year’s team.

Varsity Volleyball: Rosa Sun ‘21

For girls varsity volleyball, Rosa Sun ’21 is our athlete of the week. Rosa has stepped up this year as our primary setter and this week showcased the improvement she has been making all season. She hustled to get balls throughout both matches this week and finished with 30 assists in each of the matches. She also brings fantastic energy and humor to both our practices and games; teammates love playing alongside her. Congratulations!

Boys Varsity Water Polo: Lawrence von Steuben ‘21

Demonstrating his growing commitment to playing offense and defense with the same intensity, Lawrence von Steuben ’21 helped lead the JV team to a thrilling overtime victory in front of the Family Weekend crowd.  He scored several key goals late in regulation to help force the overtime periods and then notched the winning goal.  Just as important, he communicated well with his teammates in the transitions from offense to defense, working to assure each opponent was covered.

Boys Varsity Soccer: Nolan Zusi ‘19

Through an up-and-down first half of the season, Nolan has been a steady presence on the flanks, providing speed in the attack and strength in defense.  He has taken on whatever role has been assigned to him and excelled at each of them.  And he is a fine role model for the younger members of the team.

Varsity Football: Jackson McCarty ‘19

Jackson McCarty ’19 is a two way impact player for the Deerfield Varsity Football team.  Jackson is the AOTW following another dominant performance this week against Loomis Chaffee. He is an anchor on the offensive line where he plays center while also pushing around opponents on the big green’s defensive line.  Jackson is a tough guy to block and helped to hold the Loomis attack to only 7 points.  Look for Jackson to continue to lead our line from the front for the rest of the season.

Girls Varsity Cross-Country: Abby Fernald ‘22

Coming in as a first-year student, many had high expectations for this student but it was a real mystery as to how she would fair. The expectations were met and surpassed as we all watched this runner complete difficult work-outs without a hint of complaint. Though quiet at first, this student has come into her own. From making hilarious and unexpected one-liners before the warm-ups to improving each and every week, this student has become an integral part of the team. Despite being diagnosed with bronchitis just last Sunday, she rested and came out again Choate and Loomis to beat her personal record time by 10 seconds. Not only that but she bested so many other runners to come in 3rd and solidify our win. This girl is a stand-out and we all look forward to seeing what she can do as the season progresses. For these reasons and many more, the girls cross-country athlete of the week is Abby Fernald.

Go Big Green!