60 for the 60th Reunion

The Great ’58 is putting together the final touches for its 60th Reunion, June 7-9, 2018. Come join the crowd! Check out the names of your classmates who have registered already for reunion. Help out the Reunion Committee finish out strong by registering now or by calling 413-774-1474 and quite possibly influencing former and/or current friends among our classmates to follow suit. Our goal is “60 for the 60th.” We promise three days of laughter and disbelief. Bring your partners and family. Come and unbend! What number will you be?

(PHOTO – Caption “60th Reunion Committee Chairs (L-R) David Knight, Bruce Grinnell and Brian Rosborough with Head of School Margarita Curtis attending an All School Meeting in October.)

60th Reunion Committee
Doug Anderson/Whitney Azoy/Arthur Brauner/Robert Breen/George Carmany/Peter Clark/Sackett Cook/Edwin Craigin/William Cummings/Otto Doering/Walter Epstein/Robert Fernholz/Larry Garceau/Bruce Grinnell/James Guest/Dudley Hallagan/David Halsted/John Hayward/David Hemphill/Harvey Hinman/Roger Hoit/Henry Holland/Spencer Kellogg/Richard King/David Knight/David Koch/Jon Kress/Robin Mahar/David Mahoney/John Marr/Robert Marr/George Marshall/Peter McCurrach/John Mendelson/Erwin Miller/R. King Milling/John Moran/Robert Moses/Robert Murray/D. Warner North/Tom Packard /Richard Page/John Philipp/Rowland Pritchard/William Roberts/Brian Rosborough/William Schwendler/C. Michael Sheridan/Peter Sieglaff/Bayley Silleck/Charles Speleotis/ Carter Strickland/John Stout/Richard Strubel/Henry Tiffany/Robert Tyndall/J. Jeffrey Urstadt/William Webster/Porter Wheeler/David Willis

Fred Twichell sold his home in Stuart, FL and recently moved to Washington, MO. He wants to maintain a presence in Florida and is looking to buy a condo. He’s giving very serious consideration to returning to Deerfield for the reunion in June. Bob Moses is as enthusiastic as ever. If he can work out two apparent conflicts, one with a granddaughter with a baseball game and the other with a grandson with a lacrosse game, he will definitely be in Deerfield for the reunion. Bob also offered to talk with Dave Koch, a good friend, and encourage David to make an appearance. Retired Vermont Supreme Court judge, Jim Morse is still undecided and may need a call from one of you to help with his decision. Jon Rice is living in Chatham on Cape Cod. Jon is dealing with some health issues, but did say that if he felt o.k., he would be there. He and his wife are enjoying the many cultural opportunities on the Cape. Dudley Hallagan, living in Rhode Island, is “very likely” to attend the reunion. Did you know that the Hallagans have had 16 family members attend Deerfield. That’s impressive!! Is it a record? Dick Page retired at 53 and is living in Florida. Jim Guest, retired CEO of Consumer Reports, is 95% certain that he will attend at least a portion of the reunion. Carter Strickland is living in Fayetteville, NY. He and Nan have registered for the reunion. On Tuesday, Mar. 13, Bruce Grinnell is driving from Williamstown, MA to the Strickland’s and on Wednesday, the two of them will make an effort to pay a personal visit to H.J.Ousby who has had little contact with Deerfield since graduation. H.J. lives on a family farm that has been in his family well over 100 years. Jeff Urstadt is full of life despite two bad shoulders; is living Darien, Ct with two real entrepreneurial kids, a daughter, lawyer, in the art world with offices in NYC and Berlin and a son living in Zurich.

Dusty Miller is still on the national board of the Boys and Girls Club. Great organization. Great classmate. Doug Anderson runs his own successful executive search firm. Hopes to come by our 60th reunion but is focused on his reunion at the Harvard Business School. Better business prospects? Peter McCurrach wanted to be an architect but wound up running a construction business. He has homes in Palm Beach and Northern New Jersey. George Marshall will be returning from extensive travels abroad so probably will not be attending reunions. Robin Mahar will be attending reunions with his lovely wife, Marion. Dave Willis will also be attending with his lovely wife Lil. Because of previous conflicts, they will be arriving Saturday. Tif Tiffany has to divide his time between our reunion and his reunion at Middlebury the same weekend. John Marr had hip surgery last fall. We hope he will have recovered sufficiently to attend our 60th in June. Jon Kress has been doing some fascinating and important archaeological work in the Philippines and plans to return for reunions.

Bruce Grinnell


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