Register for Private Music Lessons

Students who sign up for private music lessons are committing to one full term of lessons and will be billed accordingly. The fee for lessons is $65 per 45-minute lesson. Fall Term has nine lessons, Winter Term has ten lessons, and Spring Term has eight lessons. The Finance Office will charge the entire term fee for lessons to student accounts early in each term.

It is the responsibility of the student to attend each scheduled lesson. The student will be charged the full amount for the term; refunds for missed lessons will not be given.

If a student misses a lesson due to serious illness or a conflicting, mandatory school activity, the absence will be considered excused and the teacher will reschedule the lesson. A student should make every reasonable effort to notify the teacher at least the evening before the lesson is expected to be missed. Student tour guides should let Admissions know that they are not available during their lesson time. If a student misses a lesson for any other reason, it will be considered unexcused and will not be made up, nor will a refund be given. Examples of unexcused absences would be missing a lesson to complete a paper or meet with an advisor. Students will also be assigned three APs for each unexcused absence.

If a teacher has to miss a lesson, he/she will reschedule the lesson.

There will usually be time at the end of the term for make-up lessons. If the teacher and student are unable to find a mutually convenient time for a make-up lesson, the cost for that lesson will be refunded.

Students receiving financial aid toward their tuition at Deerfield and enrolled in one of the music ensemble classes will receive financial aid for their private music lessons. Financial aid awards match the tuition award percentage, up to 90%. Students on full aid are expected to pay 10% of the lesson fees.

In exceptional cases, advanced students may be permitted to study multiple instruments simultaneously, or to receive more than one lesson per week on their primary instrument.  Please note that in such cases, financial aid will only be offered toward a maximum of one applied lesson per week.

A student on financial aid will not receive aid for any missed lessons that are considered unexcused absences and will have to pay the full amount for the missed lesson. This will result in an additional lesson fee charge later in the term equal to the amount of financial aid given per lesson missed.

All materials for the lessons (books, instruments, strings, metronomes, etc) are the student’s responsibility. Costs for any such materials will appear on the billing statement at the end of the term.



Please note that students must commit to a full term of lessons. Nine lessons are given in the Fall Term ($585), ten lessons are given in the Winter Term ($650), and eight lessons are given in Spring Term ($520). Teachers will contact students to schedule a lesson during the school day or after school.