Mobile POS Tablet Reservation

When filling out this form, please provide as much detail as possible. Please note that reservation dates and details are not guaranteed and will be confirmed by Holly Gray after your request is reviewed.

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OneCard Tablet User Agreement

By submitting this form you agree to the following terms of use.



All borrowed tablets and accessories should be returned based on established due dates.

Treat this equipment with as much care as if it were your own property.

Avoid use in situations that are conducive to loss or damage. Do not let anyone use the equipment who is not affiliated with your group or event.

The equipment should only be used to conduct sales, and for no other purpose.

Promptly report any problems to the Finance Office.

Loss of or damage to the equipment is the financial responsibility of the individual named above.


General Care

Do not attempt to add or remove programs, or alter the equipment in any way.

Keep the equipment clean.

Store the tablet and all accessories in the provided bag when not in use or charging, be sure all accessories are unplugged from the tablet when storing as to not damage plugs or ports.

If carrying the equipment in a backpack or other bag be mindful of how it is stored among other items. Extreme pressure can damage the screen and other components.