Student Club Proposal Form

DoS- Club Proposal Submission Form

  • Deerfield Academy Club Overview

    A club is an opportunity to bring together students interested in the same field or activity with the support of the Student Life Office. Approved clubs have the ability to:
    - Get financial support for supplies/food
    - Make announcements
    - Sponsor on campus events
    - Bring outside speakers onto campus
    - Show documentaries/films
    - Request promotional assistance/posters
    - Reserve meeting spaces
  • Club Request Process:

    Requests to form a club must be submitted to the Student Activities Coordinator. Approval requires timely submission of the Club Proposal Form, identification of a faculty member to serve as Club Advisor, and that faculty member’s written assent to do so. Clubs may also be subject to additional requirements at the discretion of the Student Activities Coordinator. Club Advisors: All Club Advisors are required to:
    • attend all formal, scheduled club meetings. (They are not required to attend informal gatherings of club members.)
    • schedule meeting times and locations via reservations in the 25Live system.
    • preview and approve any presentations, announcements, and publications.
    • respond to College Advising inquiries to ensure a fair and accurate representation of club membership, leadership, and activity.
    • coordinate through the Finance Office timely submission of all required forms and waivers for any club activities that might require such documentation.
    This includes – but is not limited to – hosting events, hosting guest speakers, participating in competitions, and attending conferences. In such cases, necessary documents must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.