Ready to Play – Sports Equipment You’ll Need

Here is a list of equipment provided to your student athlete at DA and what they will need to bring from home or purchase prior to their season starting. When possible, hunter or dark green with white accents should be the first choice in colors. Note that school-issued practice jerseys and uniforms are laundered by the school.

If there are sport-specific questions, students should contact their coaches for more information. Here is a link to the listing of head coaches and you can also find a full coach list at the bottom of the right-hand border on each sport’s team page here.


What Deerfield provides:

(if needed)

What student supplies:
Fall Sports:
B&G Soccer Soccer practice balls Cleats
Football All padding, helmet Cleats
Field Hockey Shin guards, goggles Stick and cleats
Volleyball Knee pads Footwear
Water Polo Game swim suits Goggles
Winter Sports:
B&G Hockey Helmet, practice jerseys, practice socks, pant shells Skates and all padding
B&G Swimming Swim suits
B&G Squash Squash balls Footwear, racquets, goggles
B&G Basketball Practice jerseys, basketballs Footwear
Alpine Skiing Race day suits Skis, boots, winter gear
Wrestling Headgear, practice clothing Wrestling shoes
Spring Sports:
Boys lacrosse Helmet, practice jerseys Cleats, gloves, sticks
Girls lacrosse Goggles, practice jerseys Cleats, sticks
Baseball Baseball caps (2), practice gear

(school will provide some bats)

Gloves, bats
Softball Practice uniforms

(school will provide some bats)

Gloves, bats
Golf Golf bags, membership fee Golf clubs and shoes
Water Polo Game swim suits Goggles
Track and Field Equipment for all events (shot put, poles, discus, etc.) Running shoes
B&G Tennis Tennis balls Racquet(s) and shoes
Cycling Bike

Ultimate Frisbee


Proper Footwear