Lost and Found

Below are recent item lost or found on campus. Unless otherwise specified, recovered items are kept in the Safety and Security Office in the Main School Building.

Graph Calculator

Lost before Thanksgiving break not sure where. If you see it please turn in to library or security.


Backpack and more

These items were recently found in Boyden Library. Please stop by if anything belongs to you.



both black Columbia size Large and J Crew size small


Sony 1000XM3 Headphones

I left them at the table with the glass top on the left side of the Dining Hall before sit-down, and somebody has stolen it.

Pink Penny Board

Your Pink Penny board with ‘Yang/Mahoney’ is in the Student Life Office. Please come get it.

Penny Board

Hot pink, bright green wheels, and says “Yang/Mahoney” on bottom. It’s really important to owner. If found, please return to the Student Life Office.

Iphone XS

The phone has a mirror case and a onecard in the case.


Sector 9 board with a green Sector 9 badge on the grip tape and a yellow, black, and green floral pattern on the bottom. It