Winter Athletics Awards Announced

Yesterday, the Deerfield community gathered at School Meeting to celebrate this winter’s athletics award winners. In total, 35 award winners were recognized for their contributions to their team’s over the 2017-18 winter season.  Athletic Director Mr. Howe delivered his Top-10 poem and Marco Marsans ’18 inspired the audience with his passionate reflection of Deerfield’s Aga-Chi chant.

A BIG thank you to the many departments including; the physical plant, grounds department, dining hall, numerous bus drivers, athletic trainers and coaches who contributed to the smooth operation of a season without an on-campus rink and 4 hockey teams traveling to-and-from off-campus practices on a daily basis.

Marco Marsans ’18 – Aga Chi

Mr. Howe’s Winter Top-10

The winter of 2018 will forever stand out in my mind

Having no rink for our 4 teams was unreasonable and unkind.

We all knew it was coming – under the circumstances we were stuck.

Nobody had it worse than our boys playing J.V. puck!

Our Alpine skiers play at home on the road year after year

I now understand much better their commitment to the sport they hold dear.

Let’s start off this list by sharing the tenth spot

            To all those coaches, players, trainers, and teams that sacrificed a lot!

Freshman Sydney Bluestein and sophomore Teddy McCarthy both come in at #9

            Their 1st place and 4th place finishes at the New England Diving Championships was a little more than just fine.

Henry Hayden comes in at #8 with his last second take-down

            This is the second year he has taken a Class A New Englands  wrestling crown.

Coming in at #7: Year after year Deerfield Squash competes at high levels and most often they win

            They play in the Dewey Squash Center and all fall they wait for their season to begin.

Girls varsity led the way taking 2nd in New Englands this time around

Overall, the six teams we have, totaled an impressive record of 66-11 – more school pride was found.

Traditions, remembering our alums and those who contributed to team U.S.A. in this year’s PyeongChang Winter Olympics

            We had three participate; Katie Guay ’01, Jess LeClerc ’04, and Chad Kolarik ’02 who come in at #6.

Our Alpine skiing teams are young and will soon thrive

            A good season, but a really bright future gets them in the top 5

Sophomore Kikka Guidice wins the Amy Spencer Cup for the League’s Top Gun

            Junior Valerie Hetherington (3rd overall in the league) and 9th grader Achille Sarachek (2nd) will return for the fun.

Megan Graves and Emma Reavis were recognized by NEPSAC as leaders on the hardwood floor

            Let’s add Erin Tudryn and Imani Kindness-Coleman as huge contributors in their senior seasons as a Door.

All four get the nod to come in at #4

Team work and good work ethic made going to watch them a good show to see

            Boys basketball gets my vote to come in at #3.

Seniors Lowell Weil, Will Towne, Marios Bourtzonis, Sam Powell, Coleman Shea, Connor Mead and Josh Stevens represented our school in a very good way.

Nick and Bennett earn all-NEPSAC honors; and the brothers Pitcher, for another year as teammates, will play.

Boys and Girls hockey had good seasons and did all they could do in every game

            Combined these teams lost a total of 16 games by one goal which is a real shame

Thomas Gale earns all-NEPSAC honors as a top-rated net-minder

            Meaghan and Herny taught us all about grit and serve as a character reminder.

There was no quit in their game, they were disciplined, and their penalties were few.

            The coaches and players were awesome and for this they earn #2!

Last but certainly not least, our boys and girls swim teams each posted a 7-3 record.

            Our faith in the belief that if you really work hard-good things will come is restored

I’ve often thought of this sport as an individual sport that is grueling and no fun

            I still think it’s tough, but now know it’s all about team so congrats to you getting spot #1!

With the winter now behind us and nothing but memories for the years ahead

I hope you seniors remember not the losses or injuries you endured, but the lessons you learned instead

Sport should be fun and they should bring us more than wins and smiles

If you truly focus on being your best self and being the best teammate then good memories last for life and for many, many, miles.

Winter 2017-2018 Varsity Awards


Deerfield Academy Wrestling Trophy – Conrad Freire

To the wrestler who led the team by word and deed.


Most Valuable Player – Emma Reavis

The Keller-Birrell Award – Megan Graves & Erin Tudryn

For that player who manifests the spirit of Robin Keller and Katie Birrell, Class of 1992. 


Deerfield Basketball Trophy – Nicholas Osarenren

Most Improved Player – Nolan Zusi 

HOCKEY – Girls

Most Valuable Player (MVP) – Ali Dougal

The 7th Player Award – Elizabeth Hernberg


The Deerfield Hockey Cup – Bret Pastor

To that senior who in the opinion of the players and coaches contributed most to the spirit and excellence of Deerfield hockey.

The 7th Player Award – Theo Lenz


Most Valuable Swimmer – Bailey Smith

The Coaches’ Award – Jordan Coan


Coaches’ Cup  – Griffin McDowell

John A. Pigeon Award – Kevin Gu ’18

To be given to that senior who in the opinion of the coaches is the outstanding swimmer on the basis of his contribution to the sport.

SKIING – Girls

The Philip H. Ball Jr. Ski Trophy – Valerie Hetherington & FJ Marsh

To that member of the Deerfield Ski Team who has a genuine concern for the ski program’s success and who has similarly shown a loyalty to the concept of team skiing.

Best Skier/Brooke Gonzales ‘97 Cup – Kikka Giudici   


The Doug Parker Trophy – Garrett Alexander

To that Deerfield Skier who has exemplified the qualities of Doug Parker, a skier who developed collegiate ability through his dedication to the sport, a dedication derived not for fame but rather from a personal search to find his maximum ability. To Doug Parker success did not necessarily mean good results; it meant skiing the best he could.

The J. Scott Kelnberger ’79 Most Valuable Skier Award – Achille Saracheck

Given to a member of the boys’ ski team who is the most valuable member of the team, whose unselfish competitiveness best exemplifies the winning spirit of the team while honoring Scott’s great spirit, love of Deerfield, and his inherent goodness towards people.

SQUASH – Girls

Bayne Bowl – Ashley Manning

In memory of Bruce Bayne – 1944. To that player who exemplifies the qualities Bruce Bayne ’44 brought to the game of squash while at Deerfield.  His championship qualities of natural talent, sportsmanship, leadership and the will to be the best are what the game of squash is all about. The recipient of this award should be proud of and build on her accomplishments in squash and in life.


Deerfield Academy Squash Racquets Trophy – Max Geraci


Winter 2017-2018 Sub-Varsity Awards 

Girls’ JV Basketball

Most Improved Players – Annie Kane & Juliette Lowe

Boys’ JV Basketball

Most Valuable Player – Jacob Meier

Boys’ Thirds Basketball

Most Improved Player – DeAndre Samuels

Girls’ JV Hockey

Most Improved Player – Hannah Valencia

Boys’ JV Hockey

Most Improved Player – Alex Leong

JV Swimming

Most Valuable Swimmer – Lucy Blake & Izzy Ortiz

Girls’ JV Squash

Most Valuable Player – Lilley Salmon

Girls’ Thirds Squash

Most Improved Player – Daisy Dundas & Grace Russell

Boys’ JV Squash

Most Valuable Player – Alex Alijani

Boys’ Thirds Squash

Most Improved Player – Noah Depp & Charlie Sinnott