Student Athlete Spotlight with Meghan Halloran ‘17

Halloran2Interview with Brooke Horowitch ‘16

BH: Briefly describe your athletic history. What do you play, and why did you select those sports? What teams have you been on?

MH: I play soccer, hockey, and lacrosse. My dad was a hockey player and taught my siblings and me to play hockey when we were really young. My parents are both very into sports so would sign us up for sports teams when we were little and they signed us all up for kindergarten soccer, hockey, and baseball teams. Lacrosse is really big in Darien, so in third grade my parents signed me up for lacrosse and I quit baseball. I played on the Darien travel teams for all three sports throughout middle school and in 7th grade I joined the Mid Fairfield CT Stars U12 team because I had been playing boys hockey and thought it was time to switch to a girls team. I have been playing for Mid Fairfield since then and currently am on the U19 team. I played for the CT Chargers lacrosse team the summer before freshman year and then they changed its name to the CT Grizzlies and I played for them the summer before sophomore and junior year and will be playing for them this summer.

Halloran1BH: How does playing three sports make you a better all-around athlete?

MH: Playing three sports helps to make me a better all-around athlete because I continue to develop skills such as being a good teammate, listening to coaches, working hard, challenging myself, and competing in general. Being a good competitor is a great skill that carries over into all sports and helps to give you the mindset and worth ethic you need to be successful. Also, often different skills can cross over to different sports, such as being a good passer, setting teammates up for goals, and playing smart team defense.

BH: What is special about Deerfield athletics and the teams here?

MH: Deerfield athletics are really special because the teams are so close-knit and everyone gets really excited for every game. Also, everyone works really hard in practices and games.

BH: How do you balance sports and school work?

MH: Time management is really important. It’s important to use your frees for work and plan out times to do work around practices and games. It’s also helpful to bring schoolwork on away-game buses, especially on Wednesdays when you can get back pretty late and won’t have much time to do your work.

BH: Why do you love sports?

MH: Sports are an awesome way to make friends and compete. I’m very competitive and always like to compete. I also love being a part of a team and my teammates are often some of my closest friends. Also, some people who don’t play sports will never experience the feeling of coming back and winning a game or scoring that overtime goal, which are some of the most exciting and happy moments. I love being able to fight for my team and watching my teammates put in so much work for each other. It’s also really rewarding after spending so much time practicing and then really working hard in a game and finally coming out with a win.

BH: Who are your athletic role models?

MH: I look up to my parents who were both very committed to sports. My dad played hockey in college and my mom sailed in college and they both worked really hard to become great athletes. I also look up to some famous women athletes such as Mia Hamm and Hilary Knight because they are such phenomenal athletes and put in so much work.

BH: Do you have any plans to play sports in college?

MH: Yes, I’m hoping to play hockey and possibly lacrosse as well in college.

Cheer on Meghan and the entire Girls Varsity Hockey team this Wednesday, January 20th at 4:15 PM vs. CHOATE in The Barn!