Student-Athlete Spotlight with Courtney Morgan ’16

Interview with Brooke Horowitch ’16

BH: What sports do you play, and why did you select those? 

CM: I am a hockey defenseman and long stick midfielder in lacrosse. I’ve been playing hockey since age four and started because my mother’s boss was really involved with the sport and got us tickets to watch games. I began playing lacrosse in fourth grade because of friends.

BH: What teams have you played for?

CM: In hockey, I’ve played for the New England Junior Falcons and Central Connecticut Capitals. One of my teams even went to nationals when I was thirteen. I have competed for my hometown South Windsor, Connecticut lacrosse team and a NESLL summer team.

BH: How does playing two sports make you a better all-around athlete?

CM: Hockey and lacrosse are similar to each other, and hockey helps with ground balls in lacrosse. Also, playing multiple sports ensures that I remain competitive instead of taking a semester off.

BH: What is special about Deerfield athletics and the teams here?

CM: Deerfield teams are the ultimate brotherhood. I definitely build a special bond with the kids I see every day. I love walking down to the lacrosse field with the bagpiper, and big crowds at hockey games are really important and supportive.

BH: Have any Deerfield coaches influenced you in particular?

CM: Mr. Emerson, who I knew before I came to Deerfield, introduced me to Mr. Creagh before freshman year. He and Mr. Creagh have both been really supportive. Mr. Davis has also really helped me with recruiting.

BH: How do you balance sports and schoolwork?

During hockey and lacrosse seasons, it’s easier to manage work, because I’m more on a schedule, and I’m more focused. If I know I have practice, I’ll get my homework done before.

BH: You’re also a cheerleader and administrator on DSPN. How does that influence athletics?

CM: Since I play two sports, it’s fun to be part of the fan section in the fall and support people who support me during my games. DSPN is fun, because you get to keep people updated and give back to the school. The fans have been great to me, so getting us rowdy and supporting other kids is great.

BH: What is it like being a senior hockey captain?

CM: I’ve been looking forward to the role for a while, and the new responsibility definitely builds character. I think about freshmen and when I was in their shoes and appreciate the chance to show leadership for college and guide younger players.

BH: Do you have any plans to play sports in college? 

CM: I will attend Connecticut College next year and plan to play hockey and lacrosse.