ImPACT Testing for New Students

As part of the Concussion Management Program, all students and parents must complete an online Concussion Education Program, and all new students are required to complete the ImPACT test online before returning to Deerfield this fall. To log in and take the test:

  1. Log on to
  2. Select Massachusetts as the organization/state and then click “launch baseline test”
  3. Enter customer ID exactly as follows: GJSKGVJ7C7
  4. Read the instructions, check the appropriate language, and click “next”
  5. Read the instructions carefully on the next page.
  6. Continue to answer all questions and fill out all demographic information on each page until you get to the beginning of the test.
  7. Read all the instructions for every test carefully.  When you complete each module continue to the next. Read all the instructions for each module well. When you have completed the whole test, ImPACT will let you know and you can close out of the program. The data will be saved and accessible to the medical staff at DA.
Some test taking guidelines to remember:
  1. Your computer must have a mouse and be plugged in. (Do not take the test with your computer running on the battery.)
  2. The test environment should be quiet and distraction free – No music, cell phones or other electronic devices while you are taking the test.
  3. You must complete the test within 45 minutes or the test will be invalid and you will have to log on and re-take the test.
  4. Please make sure you read all the instructions very carefully for each section of the test.

Once both parent and child have completed both the online educational course and the baseline ImPACT test, please fill out this form. Thank you in advance for your participation in this program. If you have any difficulties or problems contact Robert Graves at