Girls Hockey Holiday Invitational at Deerfield

The Deerfield Holiday Invitational will be held on December 17 & 18, 2010. See the schedule below…

Friday, Dec. 17

Wyoming Seminary vs. Deerfield  8:00am
Stanstead  vs. Kingswood-Oxford  9:45am
Nichols vs. N.S.A 11:30am
Kingswood-Oxford vs. Wyoming Seminary 1:15pm
Deerfield vs. Nichols 3:00pm
N.S.A vs. Stanstead 4:45pm

Saturday, Dec. 18

Wyoming Seminary vs. Stanstead 8:00am
Kingswood-Oxford vs. Nichols 9:45am
Deerfield vs. N.S.A  11:30am
Nichols vs. Wyoming Seminay  1:15 p.m
N.S.A vs Kingswood-Oxford  3:00 p.m.
Stanstead vs. Deerfield 4:45pm

The team listed first is the “home” team, and will wear dark jerseys.